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Parents + Child= Parental Leave (Faculty & Staff only)


Event Detail
Date: Thursday, September 19th
Time: 2:00 pm-4:00 pm

(UCF Faculty & Staff only) Are you anticipating parenthood? This free workshop is offered specifically for soon-to-be new parents, adoptive parents and those who are anticipating a foster child placement. The focus will be on helping employees plan for and make decisions regarding a Parental Leave of Absence. For example, as an employee, did you know you need to request a Parental Leave from the University thirty (30) days in advance? This short, one to two hour, workshop is intended to provide you with your rights and responsibilities prior to, during, and after a parental leave. The workshop will cover topics such as requesting a Parental Leave, planning for benefits coverage during a leave, adding your new arrival to your insurance, plus advise you on using your accrued leave and much more. You will be provided with a "Parental Leave Information Kit" and we will aim to answer all of your questions and concerns regarding your employment as it relates to this joyful time in your life.

Facilitated by:
Benefits and Leave of Absence Team Members
Human Resources

Location: Room: 105ABC
Human Resource: OD & Training
3280 Progress Drive
Orlando FL 32817
OD & Training

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