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Wednesday, July 17th

Date Description
Jul 17 10:30 am Sleeping Beauty Orlando Shakespeare Theater
$12 student tickets half hour before show/ $10 off all advanced tickets. - It's Princess Rose's birthday and the entire kingdom is rejoicing! But the bitter wise woman, Wartsuch, disrupts the celebration and casts a wicked curse on the little princess dooming her to sleep for 100 years. Will good triumph over evil? Complete with a brave, handsome prince, a beautiful princess, and a magical kiss, this quirky retelling of Sleeping Beauty will introduce the classic fairy tale to a new generation of kids and families.
Jul 17 11:00 am How to Become a Valued Employee Career Services Experiential Learning CSEL)
Managers from Reiss Engineering, Inc. will facilitate this workshop! Learn what a valued employee is, why bringing value is critical to your career, and gain insight into how you can become one of the most valued employees at your company.
Jul 17 11:00 am Memorization & Concentration Nike Programming Center
Are you having trouble processing or remembering information for tests? Do you wish you could better retain information from lectures? Learn skills that allow you to manipulate information and improve your memory.
Jul 17 11:00 am Alcohol Screening Day Library (LR)
Come take a free assessment of your alcohol use, see how you compare with other students and learn ways to reduce alcohol-related risks.
Jul 17 01:00 pm Anxiety 101: A Workshop Series Counseling Center (COUN)
Wednesdays 1:00-2:00pm This drop-in workshop is designed to help students develop skills in coping with anxious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Students will learn about myths and realities of anxiety as well as develop practical skills that they can use. Open to all students using a sign-in process. Seating is limited. begins May 15 - July 24
Jul 17 03:00 pm Goal Setting for Life and Work HR
This seminar will assist participants in learning specific and effective skills that will increase the likelihood of achieving personal or professional goals. Participants will learn the process of identifying and creating goals that are based on the things that are most important in their lives. Presented by Horizon Health
Jul 17 03:00 pm Express Your Inner Creative (Workshop Series) Counseling Center (COUN)
Wednesdays 3:00 – 4:30 pm This drop-in workshop is for anyone who would like to further connect with feeling, intuition, and creativity and forge a path to learn more about yourself through the expressive arts (ie: visual arts, writing, movement, poetry, and meditation). All that is necessary is the courage and curiosity to make contact with the imagination and the means to make a mark. The stories are already within you, waiting to be told. No art experience necessary. Open to all students using a sign-in process. Seating is limited. begins May 15 - July 24
Jul 17 05:00 pm The Practice of Thinking Before Speaking Academic Villages 1 (AV1)
The number one issue facing a relationship today is not thinking before speaking. Learn how to listen and process clues and hints during a conversation. Practice how to articulate thoughts which will yield productivity and not induce conflict.

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