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Tuesday, July 30th

Date Description
Jul 30 08:00 am Strategic Leadership Workshop (Day 1): Effective Strategy is Realized Through Effective Leadership University of Central Florida Executive Development Center - Downtown Orlando
STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP combines the best methods of strategic management with the art-and-science of effective leadership. This two-day program draws together the most important factors needed to analyze, formulate, and effectively lead the implementation of business strategy—which, in turn, leads to competitive advantage.
Jul 30 02:30 pm Barnga (Game of Five Cards) Human Resource: OD & Training
Barnga is a simulation activity that allows participants to explore and experience the challenges and communication barriers of life in a cross-cultural setting. Participants will: • Recognize the subtlety of cultural differences • Understand how cultural differences can create communication barriers • Discover and discuss ways to overcome communication barriers Alignment with Workplace Goals: • Communication breaks down when two parties bring different assumptions to their interaction • Awareness of the pitfalls of cross-cultural relationships prepares employees to recognize potential problems and communicate clearly with coworkers, suppliers, and clients of a different culture A minimum of 15 participants is required to effectively run this training event. Register Now for DIV077!

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