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Friday, April 4th

Date Description
Apr 4 12:00 am Open Water Scuba Certification Off-Campus
This is our entry level NAUI scuba certification course during which you will learn the fundamental knowledge and skills to safely scuba dive in open water. The format of this class is a classroom session, one pool session, and spring dive or an ocean dive. The cost of the course is $275. The items included in the cost are: instruction, classroom materials, dives, Scuba gear (regulator, tanks, BCD), wetsuit (if needed), and C-card. Course dates: April 4; 5 or 6; and 12 or 13 (dates dependent on dive schedule). The sign up deadline is March 28. Please sign up at the Outdoor Adventure Center.
Apr 4 12:00 pm The True Story Of the 3 Little Pigs Orlando Shakespeare Theater
$12 student rush tickets. $10 off early purchase. - Hear the wolf's side of the story in this dynamite rock musical for the entire family! Alexander T. Wolf, aka the Big Bad Wolf, is accused of deplorable crimes, and he's about to face a jury of his piggy peers. Presiding over the case is a tough as nails judge with a weakness for musical theater. But can the Wolf ever hope for a fair trial? The audience decides the ending of this play - guilty or not guilty?
Apr 4 12:00 pm Coffee's Global Impact Business Administration (BA)
Come out and learn how an Orlando coffee shop became a non-profit and made a global impact for good through their shade-grown coffee from the rugged and remote hillsides of of Guatemala. Ben Hoyer, founder of Orlando's Downtown Credo, will be on campus to tell students why and how he founded a coffee shop to improve the quality of lives in our nations cities by cultivating networks of meaning, impact and community. All students are welcome but seating is limited.
Apr 4 01:00 pm Optics Day 2014 CREOL (CROL)
One of the world's leading institutions for research and education in optics and photonics is right here at UCF – CREOL. On Friday, April 4th, CREOL (The College of Optics and Photonics) is opening its doors for a fun-filled day of lab tours, optic demos, exciting talks, and prizes. Ever seen a real-life hologram? Or the individual LCD pixels on your iPhone? Optics Day is guaranteed to be a fascinating, interactive, and educational experience! There will be tours every hour of the world's best laboratories, engaging talks every hour explaining unique phenomenon, and optics demos spread all over the CREOL lobby to stun your senses. Don't miss out, RSVP at asincore@knights.ucf.edu to reserve your spot! Visit http://caos.creol.ucf.edu/News.aspx to learn more!
Apr 4 02:00 pm UCF Men's Tennis vs. Troy UCF Tennis Complex
Watch your UCF Knights take on the Troy Trojans at the UCF Tennis Complex. Admission is free.
Apr 4 04:30 pm Ultrafast Molecular Sciences Physical Sciences (PS)
The quantum-molecular view of nature led, over the past century, to revolutionary developments in science and engineering, including spectroscopy, lasers, and molecular biology/genetics. A cornerstone of this has been the development of microscopic structure-function relationships. Nature, however, is seldom static. Therefore, in the 21st century, there is a need to develop a microscopic but dynamic, rather than static, quantum-molecular view of Nature and its processes. Unfortunately, we do not yet have “dynamics-function” relationships. Nevertheless, this quantum dynamical view will be required for many emerging areas of molecular science and technology including chemical reaction dynamics, attosecond science, photoactive materials, quantum control, molecular machines, biomedical imaging etc. In the general case, molecular dynamics involves the ultrafast rearrangements of both electronic charge and vibrational energy, termed non-adiabatic dynamics. For example, Chemistry, the breaking and making of chemical bonds, necessarily involves the coupled ‘dance’ of valence electronic charge and atomic motions. Ultrafast laser science has led to significant progress in molecular dynamics studies, particularly for the difficult but most general case of non-adiabatic dynamics. We employ photoelectron spectroscopy because it is a uniquely powerful probe technique which combines elements of both scattering theory and spectroscopy [1-3]. Furthermore, new methods in non-perturbative laser quantum control have emerged as important tools for enhancing molecular dynamics studies [4,5], permitting direct measurements within the Molecular Frame which avoid the usual loss of information due to lab frame orientational averaging [6,7]. As laser fields get stronger, a sub-cycle (attosecond) physics emerges, leading to new probes of driven multi-electron dynamics in polyatomic molecules. Ultrafast laser science in condensed phases also offers new opportunities in biophysics. We ‘trigger’ the unzipping of double helix DNA, potentially leading to ‘light-induced genomics’, and simplified approaches to label-free microscopy of live cells and tissues [8], leading to the first commercially available CARS microscope [9]. We anticipate that the dynamical view will lead to important advances in molecular sciences and its manifold of applications. http://www.olympusamerica.com/seg_section/product.asp?product=1068&p=349&sub=17&c=8
Apr 4 07:15 pm Belay Certification Class Recreation & Wellness Center (RWC)
This two hour belay class is free to all UCF students! To register, come to the Climbing Tower located in the RWC and sign up at the front desk. Please arrive at all classes 15 minutes early wearing athletic attire.
Apr 4 07:30 pm Julius Caesar Orlando Shakespeare Theater
$12 student rush tickets / $10 off advanced purchase. - When men feel they can no longer trust their leader, where is the line between patriotism and personal ambition? Caesar, the most popular general in Rome, is assassinated, leaving two men – the honourable Brutus and the ambitious Cassius – to divide the spoils. But they've acted without Mark Antony, Caesar's devoted follower and determined successor, and soon the world they have fought to preserve is brought to the brink of anarchy. Julius Caesar is a dazzling masterpiece of betrayal, violence, and perhaps most surprisingly — love. Tina Packer, founder and former Artistic Director of Shakespeare & Company in Massachusetts, leads this traditional retelling with a small cast in the intimate Goldman Theater.
Apr 4 08:00 pm UCF Percussion Ensemble Concert Visual Arts Building (VAB) Auditorium
Free and Open to the Public
Apr 4 09:00 pm Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia American Composers Recital Rehearsal Hall (RH) Auditorium
The annual recital performed by the members of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, featuring works all by American Composers. Free and Open to the Public
Apr 4 09:00 pm Open Mic Night - Hosted by Elements of Hip Hop Student Union (SU) Pegasus Ballroom
We're having our second open mic night of the spring semester. Come get down with Elements as we MC throughout the night. If you are interested in performing, please get in touch with us so we can make the proper arrangements for you. The format is mainly off the top of the dome, but if you're interested in performing a song, poetry, or any other performance, talk to one of us so that we can schedule you into the event. BEATBOXERS This is also an opportunity for you to come out and practice your beatboxing skills. Come out and chill with other beatboxers and get/share tips with others. Most of all, come out and have fun.
Apr 4 10:00 pm CAB Presents: Pitch Perfect UCF Arena (ARNA)
Come join CAB for Pitch Perfect this Friday at 10:00 pm on Knights Plaza (in front of the CFE Arena). For more information, please email cabmovie@ucf.edu or call (407) 823-3294. For those who need accommodations, email osiassist@ucf.edu or call (407) 823-6471.

Ongoing Events:

Date Description
Mar 27 10:00 am—Apr 4 05:00 pm 2014 UCF STEAM Exhibition Visual Arts Building (VAB)
The UCF STEAM Exhibition presents paintings, posters, prints, photographs and 3D artworks created by UCF fine arts students in visual response to presentations by UCF scientists and their students. The exhibition includes visualizations and illustrations of cutting edge research and compelling artworks that both celebrate and question the social, cultural and political opportunities and ramifications of technological advancements in science and engineering. The show offers new visual evidence to the Orlando Regional Public that “A” should be added to the current worldwide emphasis on STEM teaching to create STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS and Mathematics. “The knowledge, skills, attitudes and behavior students acquire from studying the arts have been identified by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and other organizations as the skills needed to be successful in the global economy. These skills include creativity and innovation; critical thinking and problem solving; communication and collaboration; flexibility and adaptability; and social and cross cultural skills”. (Ohio Alliance for Arts Education) The UCFSTEAM exhibition is sponsored by the UCF ICubed Project. ICubed is a National Science Foundation funded project. ICubed’s mission is to encourage new and increased STEM research and education activities at UCF and to effectively communicate STEM research to UCF’s stakeholders. The UCFSTEAM Exhibition is one of the ways to communicate UCF STEM research to UCF’s stakeholders. ABOUT UCF’s ICubed STEAM Project: One of the objectives of ICubed is to inform the UCF Community about scientific and engineering concepts. The project is accomplishing this objective by funding the UCFSTEAM Gallery which is an activity that encourages STEM faculty and their students to collaborate with Art and Design faculty and their students to create STEM inspired artifacts (including sculptures, paintings, illustrations, and posters). ICubed is successfully integrating the STEAM activities into existing photography, illustration, music composition, and painting courses. Furthermore, through a team collaboration approach, involving STEM students and Art and Design students, posters depicting STEM research, have been created and are being created. Select artworks from these efforts are being preserved by the ICubed project for a traveling exhibition displaying science inspired art. http://icubed.ucf.edu/steam.php
Apr 1 08:00 am—Apr 30 11:55 pm The Clothesline Project Student Union (STUN)
Experience the UCF Clothesline Project display throughout the month of April in the Student Union Atrium. Join Knight Advocates and UCF Victim Services on Market Days (Wednesdays 10am-2pm) in April outside the Student Union to paint a t-shirt and speak out against violence in our community. Victims, survivors, advocates, activists, anyone, everyone--all are welcome to express their emotions through this artistic outlet. Find out more about this national network at www.clotheslineproject.org.

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