Monday, March 27, 2017

  • FTCE Mathematics Workshop

    Teaching Academy

    Session 6: Competency 4: Data Probability This workshop is part of an in-person series of classes that are designed specifically for GK and SAE (K-6) mathematics. Workshop details: Graph Interpretations Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Standard Deviation Probability Inferring Conclusions Based on Given Data Room: Teaching Academy 221 NO registration, fee, or RSVP required. Visitor Parking via Kiosk: For ...

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  • KnightED Talks Workshop: FTCE: Keys to Success

    Teaching Academy: 117

    Presenter: Dr. Erin Mander, EdD In order to become a certified teacher in the state of Florida, students must pass FTCE examinations. So, how do students ensure the most successful approach to these examinations? We will explore the following key areas: understanding the triangle of success and evaluating personal strengths/weaknesses through a test-taking inventory. No pre-registration required.

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