Friday, November 1, 2013 noon to 1 p.m.
Increased resolution and scale of digital data sets generated by research instrumentation, equipment, and individuals with access to the internet, increases demand for high performance computing and high throughput computing at research universities, institutes, and labs to process, store, and analyze those data. This talk will describe the resources available at the STOKES Advanced Research Computing Center (ARCC) at UCF. The ARCC provides advanced computational, networking, storage and visualization resources to support research and education at UCF. Compute time on the STOKES high performance compute cluster is free for equitable use by faculty, faculty collaborators, staff and student researchers at UCF. Today, the ARCC is expanding its capabilities in the areas of scientific visualization and networking research. Scientific visualization research efforts currently focus on implementing and establishing methods that graphically portray data to enable researchers to analyze, present and gain new perspectives from their data. In addition, a research network that implements the Internet2 Innovation Platform is currently under construction in Partnership 3, and will be extended to campus.


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