• More Than Sports

    Student Union 316 CD

    Activism in sports has been present long before Colin Kaepernick took a knee, LeBron James and teammates donned hoodies in 2012, and Carlos Delgado refused to stand during God Bless America after 9/11. Dr. Richard Lapchick will share his personal stories, bring awareness, and spark dialogue about activism that occurs in sports on many different levels.

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  • Lunch with a Story

    Student Union 218ABCD

    Qasim Rashid, lawyer, human rights activist, advocate, and author will share how privilege in our society has created barriers and discuss our role in tearing those barriers down. This event is an amazing opportunity to lunch (for free), learn, and dialogue with the other UCF Knights!

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  • Now Is Not The Time!

    Student Union: 221

    Despite the number of mass shooting tragedies that have occurred in the U.S. when a question about gun control reform is posed the answer has remained the same “now is not the time to discuss reform.” Join this panel discussion with UCF Police Chief Richard Beary, the League of Women Voters, and other guests concerning the 2nd Amendment- Right to ...

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  • Tunnel of Oppression

    Student Union Pegasus Ballroom

    Oppression is real and experienced by persons daily. This interactive experience will provide participants with a greater understanding of various forms and levels of oppression. Instructors wanting to bring their class should make a reservation by contacting Edwanna.Andrews@ucf.edu. **Anticipate about 30-45 minutes for the interactive experience and processing.

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