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May 5 01:00 pm CPR Training(UCF Faculty & Staff Only) Human Resource: OD & Training
Would you know what to do if you encountered a person who appeared to be unconscious? What would you do before help arrived? This hands-on course (Workplace FA & Safety Adult CPR/AED) follows the guidelines of the American Red Cross in teaching the proper CPR techniques for non-emergency personnel. Sponsored by UCF's Environmental Health and Safety Office, the class is limited to 16 participants. To purchase your own personal copy of the reference book used in class, call Marcel at x3-0073. Facilitated by: Jose Vazquez Perez Environmental Health and Safety Register Now for LIF001 myUCF
May 7 04:00 pm Protecting Personal Information: Identity Theft (UCF Faculty and Staff Only) Human Resource: OD & Training
Identity Theft is America's fastest growing and most costly crime. Florida ranked #1 in the nation for reported complaints of identity theft and #1 in fraud complaints reported to the Federal Trade Commission in 2012. Join Theresa Ronnebaum and her eye opening workshop that will proactively educate attendees about identity theft protection, and drastically help you reduce your chances of suffering from this crime. Course objectives: · What is Identity Theft? · What is Personal Identification Information? · Top ID Theft and Fraud Complaints in Florida · What is Stolen Identity Tax Refund Fraud (SIRF) · Types of Data Breaches · Five Principles to Safe Guard Personal Information Register now for LIF151! Contact Information: Office of the Attorney General Orlando, Florida (407) 999-5588
May 15 08:30 am Emerging Leaders Series (UCF Faculty and Staff Only) Human Resource: OD & Training
This four-day course (taking place May 15, 22, 29,and June 5) based on Mark Sanborn’s You Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader, is open to all aspiring leaders in the UCF community. The book shows how each of us can be leader in our daily lives and make a positive difference, whatever our title or position. A small sampling of the topics covered include: • The six skills all leaders use to create results. • What gives you “power with people” (so you won’t need “power over people”) • Practicing behavioral interviewing techniques and frequently asked interview questions. • Creating / revising your cover letter and resume, dressing for success, and what to bring to the interview. If you desire to be a positive difference maker – whether you have a leadership title now, or are looking for one in the future – you will benefit from this new series. A one-time materials fee of $100 can be paid by interdepartmental transfer or personal check. This fee includes all materials provided during the class as well as a copy of the book Register Here!
May 21 02:00 pm Effective Communication at Work ( UCF Faculty & Staff Only) Human Resource: OD & Training
This presentation reviews the different types of communication used in the workplace and suggests how to be effective in each form. It includes: face-to-face communication, meetings, written, electronic (email), and telephone (voicemail). It will cover the benefits and challenges for each type and offer practical do's and don'ts to communicating at work. -Methods of communication used in the workplace -Do's and don'ts of workplace communication -Effectiveness of workplace communication
May 27 02:00 pm Leadership & Customer Service (Faculty & Staff Only) Nicholson School of Communication
Customers are not an interruption to our job, they are the PURPOSE of it. We will cover the 5 essentials of quality service, and the 10 tips for Customer Service Magic. We will prepare you for better communication with both your internal and external customers. This is an interactive workshop where you will be able to put these new skills into practice. Facilitated by: Patty Farris, Training Coordinator OD & Training, Human Resources Register Now for STA003!!
Jun 2 02:00 pm Get Sparked: Mission Quest! Human Resource: OD & Training
Are you in career and personal life limbo? Do you lack motivation because things are bogging you down? This session will assist you to channel your energies by using values clarification to walk you through a personal mission development process. Mission development and attainment can be a step in the direction of feeling less overwhelmed by life. Participants will leave with a tactical plan that is grounded in living a purpose-driven life. The session will accomplish the following: To explain personal leadership as it relates to personal vision and values To assess key areas in your personal leadership To develop a personal mission statement to add direction and clarity to your personal leadership To identify key personal stakeholders, their expectations, and issues To recognize the importance of personal written goals in addressing stakeholder issues Facilitated by: Patty Farris, Training Coordinator Human Resources OD & Training Register Now for LIF131!
Jun 4 01:00 pm Leadership Challenge Series (Faculty & Staff only) Rescheduled Human Resource: OD & Training
Rescheduled from March 5, 12, 19, & 26, 2014 to June 4, 11, 18, and 25 from 1:00-5:00 p.m. THE LEADERSHIP PRACTICES INVENTORY What Leaders Do to Get Extraordinary Things Done in Organizations The Leadership Challenge® Workshop Program Summary: The Leadership Challenge is a research-based leadership development model. The workshop design uses practical application gleaned from twenty five years of research to transform individuals, teams, and organizations. The workshop is a combination of 16 hours of in-class instruction, in addition to each participant receiving four one-on-one coaching sessions. Based on the award-winning book, The Leadership Challenge, by James Kouzes and Barry Posner whose research began in the early 1980s Participants experience and apply The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® through cases, workbook exercises, group problem-solving tasks, lectures and optional outdoor action learning. This workshop is ideal for organizations who wish to develop leaders who consistently get better results Leadership Challenge Assumptions Leadership is an observable set of skills and abilities that can be learned and improved Leadership is a relationship Leadership development includes self-development Leadership Practices Inventory (Self-Assessment) Results clustered around Five Practices The more frequently practices were observed, the more likely viewed as better leaders The Leadership Challenge® Five Practices Leaders model the way Leaders have strong beliefs about matters of principle. To be able to clearly articulate their beliefs, leaders find their voice by clarifying personal values. But clarity is not enough. To be credible, leaders do what they say they will do. They set the example by aligning actions with shared values. Leaders inspire a shared vision They look across the horizon of time and envision an ennobling and uplifting future. Leaders are positive, they bring the future to life, and they enlist others in a common cause. Leaders challenge the process They are pioneers, willing to step out and change the way things are. They experiment and take risks and learn from the accompanying mistakes. Leaders enable others to act They know they cannot do it alone, so they foster collaboration and strengthen others. By actively involving people in planning and decision-making, and through daily acts of trust and respect, leaders increase the competence and confidence of their constituents. Leaders encourage the heart The climb to the top is arduous and steep and because leaders ask constituents to carry out difficult tasks. Leaders recognize and reward individuals along the way and they celebrate achievement and milestones. Genuine acts of caring draw people forward. Program Fee The program fee for this class is only $250 and can be paid by interdepartmental transfer here or personal check. This fee includes a book, all materials provided during the class, and four individual coaching sessions. Facilitators Beth Scheitzach & Patty Farris od& 407-823-0440 Leadership Coach Patty Farris, Certified Coach 407-823-0558 Register Now for LPI001 myUCF
Jun 9 02:00 pm Goal Setting Human Resource: OD & Training
Do you ever look at successful people and wonder… how do they do it? The answer lies within their goals. This interactive workshop will provide you with practical skills to establish and reach your goals at work and at home. Join us to learn the value of knowing what you want, creative brainstorming, how to use the SMART technique for goal setting and how to use the goal planning form. Register Now for STA014!
Jun 12 02:00 pm Parents + Child= Parental Leave (Faculty & Staff only) Human Resource: OD & Training
(UCF Faculty & Staff only) Are you anticipating parenthood? This free workshop is offered specifically for soon-to-be new parents, adoptive parents and those who are anticipating a foster child placement. The focus will be on helping employees plan for and make decisions regarding a Parental Leave of Absence. For example, as an employee, did you know you need to request a Parental Leave from the University thirty (30) days in advance? This short, one to two hour, workshop is intended to provide you with your rights and responsibilities prior to, during, and after a parental leave. The workshop will cover topics such as requesting a Parental Leave, planning for benefits coverage during a leave, adding your new arrival to your insurance, plus advise you on using your accrued leave and much more. You will be provided with a "Parental Leave Information Kit" and we will aim to answer all of your questions and concerns regarding your employment as it relates to this joyful time in your life. Facilitated by: Traci Evison & Roxanna Tarrab Human Resources
Jun 18 03:00 pm Caring for Aging Loved Ones (UCF Faculty and Staff Only) Human Resource: OD & Training
More and more of us find ourselves caring for our parents or elderly loved ones. Join us to learn some of the basics: Learn how to assess your parent's or loved ones needs; hear about alternatives to rather than making all the choices for your loved one; get tips on when and how to discuss your loved one's needs as the ability to remain independent declines. -Evaluating your loved ones needs -Resources for care in the home and community -Communicating with other family members -Evaluating your own level of responsibility -Involving your parent/loved one in decision making -Tips for long distance caregiving Register here!

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