Tuesday, July 11, 2023

  • Optimizing Your Online Presence (Recurring Event)

    Graduate Student Center Presentation Room: Trevor Colbourn Hall: 208

    This session covers evaluating your publishing impacts and managing your online researcher profile. Learn about methods and tools to obtain citation counts and impact data, metrics to assist in identifying key journals and notable researchers, and why it’s important to develop an online profile using sites, such as ORCID, Research Gate, Academia.edu, PIVOT, Plum Analytics, and Google Scholar. This workshop …

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  • Ethical Decisions in Grad School and Beyond - ELECTIVE

    Graduate Student Center: Trevor Colbourn Hall: 213 and Virtual

    Ethical Decision Making in Graduate School and Beyond – ELECTIVE Jennifer Wright Actions taken as a result of a decision made reflect one’s values and principles. Inherently, we know what right and wrong behavior is and we typically make the correct decision. However, there are times when we allow outside factors to influence our decisions which could lead to personal …

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