Final Examination of Matthew Cook for Master of Science in Clinical Psychology

Thursday, December 6, 2018 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Announcing the Final Examination of Matthew Cook

for the Degree of Master of Science in

Psychology - Clinical


Date: 12/06/18

Time: 1:00 p.m.

Location: Psychology Building, Rm. 203S


Thesis title: Stepping Outside of Yourself: Social Anxiety, Dissociation, Alcohol Consequences, and Relationship Satisfaction.



Social anxiety disorder is the third most prevalent psychiatric disorder in the United States. Dissociation can arise during acute daily social stressors in individuals with social anxiety. This study examined the relationship between social anxiety and functional outcomes (i.e., alcohol-related consequences and relationship satisfaction) as moderated by levels of dissociation (i.e., depersonalization/derealization). It was hypothesized that dissociation would moderate the relationships between social anxiety and alcohol-related consequences and between social anxiety and relationship satisfaction. College students who endorsed alcohol use within the past 30 days (n = 320) and college students who reported having been in a romantic relationship lasting 30 or more days (n = 364) were recruited through the Psychology Department’s Sona system. All participants completed measures of social anxiety, dissociation, alcohol use motives, alcohol-related consequences, and relationship satisfaction as part of an online questionnaire. Findings indicated no moderation effect in either model; both social anxiety and dissociation predicted alcohol-related consequences via coping-motivated alcohol use. Additionally, there was a negative association between dissociation and relationship satisfaction. Future research should include longitudinal research designs or ecological momentary assessment designs and should examine these relationships in clinical samples.


Outline of Studies

Major: Psychology – Clinical

Educational Career: B.A. University of Arizona, 2014


Committee in Charge

Committee Chair: Amie R. Newins, Ph.D.

Department Committee Member: Deborah Beidel, Ph.D.

Department Committee Member: Robert D. Dvorak, Ph.D.


Approved for distribution by Amie R. Newins, Committee Chair, on 11/19/18.


The public is welcome to attend.

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