UCF Class Gift Campaign

Sunday, February 3, 2019 midnight to Sunday, March 3

4EVER KNIGHTS is hosting the 3rd annual UCF Class Gift Campaign. In two years, more than 2200 students have made a donation to a scholarship fund, the food pantry, CAPS, research and more! Join us as we try to break our 2017-2018 record of 1405 student donors. Goal - 1750! 

All graduating Knights who make a Class Gift donation of $20.19 will receive a thank you cord to wear during their commencement ceremony. Student donors will receive information toward the end of the semester about picking up their cord.

Any student that makes a gift or participates in a contest during the month can win the following prizes:

  • Have memory mall named after you for a day
  • Have the reflecting pond named after you for a day
  • Be captain of the UCF squirrels for a day
  • Have the stone bench outside of ferrell commons named after you for a day
  • Be Knugget's *official* best friend for a day 

Questions? Email 4EVERKNIGHTS@ucfalumni.com

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