Monday, September 16, 2019 to Wednesday, October 30

Join Outdoor Adventure as we compete to become National Outdoor Champions!

The AORE Campus Challenge is designed to get people outdoors and on adventures in their local area. We will be competing against other universities in Florida, and across the nation, to upload adventure pictures to the Campus Challenge app and win points toward our UCF total. Participants can take pictures of themselves doing almost any activity in the outdoors, but typically we are looking for adventures that fall into one of these categories: Positive Environmental Impacts, Health and Wellness, Positive Growth and Skill Development, or Explore Outdoors Anywhere.

Participants will also be competing to win gear and prizes from AORE and UCF Outdoor Adventure. There will be prizes given each week for the most points added, and a grand prize at the end for our most adventurous Knight!

Please check out the AORE Campus Challenge website for more information ( or email Outdoor Adventure Assistant Director, Katherine Rocco ( 


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