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Tuesday, December 17, 2019 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The trade talks between the USA and China have triggered concerns and created opportunities for both countries, including the hospitality and tourism industry, as both sides strive to achieve optimal solutions through peaceful negotiations. With this as a backdrop, UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management will be hosting and organizing the 3rd USA-China Tourism Research Summit and Industry Dialogue, Tuesday, Decenber 17, 2019. The Summit is designed to offer insights that support and promote the dynamic hospitality/tourism business growth and exchanges between the USA and China will provide significant benefit to practitioners and academicians alike.

Top industry experts, leading scholars, and government officials from both countries will offer cutting-edge perspectives to inspire creative thinking and to shed light on delivering promising
results through keynote speeches, panel discussions, open forum conversations, themed presentations and workshops, etc. Industry practitioners, businesses, researchers and government officials worldwide who are interested in opportunities and challenges in the hospitality and tourism industry in both economies will find this Summit invaluable for further advancement in their business and scholarly endeavors. The following topics will be highlighted during the Summit:

  1. Developing trends in the hospitality and tourism industry in China
  2. Understanding the impacts of trade talks
  3. Strategies and techniques mutually beneficial for both economies
  4. Strategies and techniques in identifying and promoting business and investment opportunities between the USA and China in the hospitality and tourism field
  5. Strategies and techniques in identifying and overcoming challenges facing the hospitality and tourism industry exchanges between the USA and China

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来自两国的顶级行业专家,学者领袖和政府官员将提供前沿观点以激发创造性思维。 峰会将通过主旨发言,小组讨论,开放式论坛对话,主题演讲和研讨会等活动来阐明广阔的前景和成果。来自世界各地的对中美酒店和旅游行业感兴趣的从业者,企业,研究人员和政府官员,都将在本届峰会中获取宝贵的价值,助力他们未来的业务和学术发展。峰会的主要议题如下:


  1. 了解中国酒店和旅游业的发展趋势
  2. 理解贸易谈判对两国旅游行业的影响
  3. 探讨对两国旅游业有利的战略方针和实施办法
  4. 明确和促进中美酒店及旅游领域商业和投资机会的战略方针和实施办法
  5. 明确和克服中美酒店及旅游业交流所面临挑战的战略方针和实施办法


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