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Thursday, February 27, 2020 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

In this talk, Jagadish Kotra will present his research on optimizing programmer-friendly heterogeneous systems. Specifically, he will present work on dynamically reconfigurable GPU architecture that alleviates the virtual memory bottlenecks by repurposing the on-chip hardware structures opportunistically. On the memory front, he will present a hardware-software co-designed heterogeneous memory system that reconfigures dynamically based on the workloads executing on the system. 

About the Presenter: Jagadish Kotra is a researcher at AMD Research (in Austin), where he is currently working on optimizing AMD’s Exascale Heterogeneous Processor (EHP) node architecture. This research is aimed at building nation’s first exascale supercomputer and is funded by Department of Energy (DoE) as part of the Path Forward project. He obtained his Ph.D from The Pennsylvania State University in 2017. At Penn State, his thesis proposed solutions that targeted bridging the performance gap between the multi/many-core processors and memory. To that end, he proposed hardware-only, software-only and hardware-software co-design based solutions that spanned multiple layers of the system stack. Jagadish’s work appeared in several top-tier research venues and he has around 10 patents that are either granted or under filing in US Patent Office (USPTO) from his stints at various industry labs.


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