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Monday, May 4, 2020 midnight

Emergence: Spring 2020 SVAD Biannual BFA Exhibition II provides the opportunity for senior undergraduate students majoring in experimental animation to share their research and artistic practice.

Exhibiting artists include: Sofia Aparicio, Jennifer Castro, Xian Ning Cechman, Brianna Charles, Kirsten Culp, Daniele Cura, Ashley Darbouze, Mina Davis, Ryan DelGrego, Aiden Durham-Moore, Luis D. Galindo, Farrah Gembutis, Adrienne Guilbaud, Madison Henry, Sydney Hernandez, Angela Herron, Madison Janolino, Myriam Jean, Bonny John, Gabrielle Jones, Nicole Kissel, Daria Dasha Kudryasheva, Jamie Lachnicht, Joane Lamisere, Tiana Le, Kira Lockhart, Jackie Madden, A. Issel Martinez, Melissa Miller, Inga Moiseienko, Jordan Navarro, Nancy Nguyen, Maree Ortiz, Giovanni Perez-Borroto, Chase Phillips, Carolina Pinzon, Patricia Quintero, Sasha Raja, Sergio Raya, Ryan Ricci, Elizabeth Richards, Aly Robb, Candace Robbins, Zabrina Rodriguez, Stephanie Ruiz-Garcia, Camila Salinas, Fabian Sanchez, Ayleen Santiago, Jürgen Smith, Jose Soto, Madison Stevens, Larisa Toledo-Delgado, Gabriella Urena, Kadeem Wheatle, Aubri White, Mel Murakawa-White, Sierra Williams, William J. V. Williams and Joel Zorowitz.

Due to social distancing measures, the UCF Art Gallery will be closed as long as the university is not offering face-to-face instruction. In addition, the BFA exhibitions will be moved to virtual modes for public viewing. Emergence will be on view to the public in a variety of ways beginning April 28:


Online: UCF Art Gallery * [ View Website ]

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Date Location
April 28, 2020, midnight Online: UCF Art Gallery
April 29, 2020, midnight Online: UCF Art Gallery
April 30, 2020, midnight Online: UCF Art Gallery
May 1, 2020, midnight Online: UCF Art Gallery
May 2, 2020, midnight Online: UCF Art Gallery
May 3, 2020, midnight Online: UCF Art Gallery
May 4, 2020, midnight Online: UCF Art Gallery
May 5, 2020, midnight Online: UCF Art Gallery


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