In response to coronavirus and to help minimize its spread, many UCF events are being canceled.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020 6 p.m. to 6:45 p.m.

Find some space and join this Live Virtual Cardio Kickboxing Class! This class will stream from the RWC's Instagram page! This class will be available for 24 hours on the RWC's IG Story. 

Cardio Kickboxing is a high-intensity class that combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio. This high-energy workout challenges the beginner and elite athletes alike. Build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, and have fun with this 45-minute workout! 

Visit the RWC's Fitness page for the full Virtual Group Exercise Schedule. 


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Date Location
May 12, 2020, 6 p.m. RWC Instagram
May 19, 2020, 6 p.m. RWC Instagram
May 26, 2020, 6 p.m. RWC Instagram
June 2, 2020, 6 p.m. RWC Instagram
June 9, 2020, 6 p.m. RWC Instagram
June 16, 2020, 6 p.m. RWC Instagram


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