Emerging Artist Festival in Partnership with the South Asian Film Festival

Friday, September 25, 2020 midnight to Sunday, September 27 at 11:45 p.m.

The Emerging Artist Festival

Presented by the Asian Cultural Association and the UCF India Center

In Partnership with the South Asian Film Festival

We are seeking artists and creators to submit their short films about South Asian culture to our virtual Emerging Artist Festival streaming from September 25-27. Winners will have their work shown at the 26th Annual South Asian Film Festival hosted by the Asian Cultural Association, the longest running South Asian Film Festival in the country.


  • All submissions will be due by August 16, 2020.
  • A jury will review every film entered and select award winners. Not every film submitted will necessarily be selected for screening in the festival.
  • Filmmakers will be notified by email whether their film has been selected for the festival.
  • Titles of selected films will also be posted at aca-florida.org and on Social Media.
  • Selected films will be screened at the Emerging Artist Festival in September 2020 and at the opening of the 2020 South Asian Film Festival in October.
  • Jury awards will also be announced at the opening of the 2020 South Asian Film Festival in October.


  • Best Film
  • Best Director
  • Best Story
  • Best Script
  • Best Social Impact
  • Audience Choice Award


General Guidelines: 

  • Films must be your original content.
  • Films may be no longer than ten minutes long.
  • More than one artist may work on a film.
  • Artists may submit more than one film, but not more than three films.
  • End credits should identify all writers, directors, cast, crew (including
  • camera operators) and music.
  • All clips, images, effects, audio, and sound should be the original work of
  • the artists, otherwise proper copyright and citation must be provided.
  • A Release Form and Entry Form must be submitted with each entry by the
  • specified date and time.

Legal Disclaimers:

  • When you enter a film in the Emerging Artist Festival you:
  • Give all sponsoring parties permission to use film title, images, names and other film information to promote future film festivals.
  • Understand that a jury will review all submissions and select those to be screened at the Emerging Artist Festival and South Asian Film Festival.
  • Accept that the jury may not select films for the festival that contain excessive violent or obscene content.

Format Requirements: 

Initial submissions must be submitted via online screener. Please upload your film to YouTube or Vimeo and send the link to priyankac915@gmail.com. If the video is password protected please provide that information as well. Films selected for exhibition will be asked to provide high quality .MOV files on a USB flash drive. Film file must be named with the film title and primary director’s name (ex: “Citizen-Kane-OrsonWelles")

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Priyanka Chandra, Marketing Director of Asian Cultural Assoc. 407-967-7463 Priyankac915@gmail.com


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