[Free Lecture] Thriving versus Surviving: Building Resilience in Turbulent Times

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Join the UCF College of Nursing for its 10th annual Orlando Health Nursing Lecture during the Year of the Nurse.

Thriving Versus Surviving: Building Resilience in Turbulent Times

Stressed during uncertain times? If you, your staff or your colleagues are feeling particularly spent, it is probably because the level of emotional exhaustion in healthcare workers was already at an all-time-high before COVID-19, with one out of three people already meeting the criteria for burnout. In this enlightening and entertaining module, we will provide some perspective, hope, and simple strategies to try during tense times. 

Guest Speaker

Bryan Sexton, Ph.D.
Director, Duke Center for Healthcare Safety and Quality 
Associate Professor, Psychiatry, Duke University School of Medicine

Learning Objectives: 

  1. To succinctly identify and explain how increases in stress at the societal and nursing unit levels impact care quality and self-care in general. Measure unit level norms that enhance vs. hinder work-life balance.
  2. To recognize the factors that contribute to burnout, understand the psychology behind how it develops, and the theory behind evidence-based approaches to reduce it.
  3. To practice the evidence-based skills, strategies, and positive psychology tools provided in resilience webinars.

Attendees will earn 2.0 nursing contact hours. 

Advanced registration is required to participate via Zoom Webinar. 

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