CREOL Fall Colloquium Series: Anu Agarwal - Lead Chalcogenide Waveguide Integrated Mid-IR Photoconductors for Integrated Si Photonics

Monday, October 25, 2021 noon to 1 p.m.

Abstract: In the first part of this lecture I will discuss polycrystalline lead chalcogenide materials and devices used as mid-infrared photoconductors. Their room temperature processing properties enable integration with back-end Si-CMOS. Materials include a binary lead chalcogenide (PbTe) for detection up to 3.5 mm wavelength, and ternaries (PbSnTe, PbSeS, PbSeTe) that can detect at longer (up to 6 mm) wavelengths. I will discuss the optimization of key material properties (structure, electrical response), device performance metrics (responsivity, detectivity), as well as device design (waveguide detectors with room-temperature operation, cavity resonance enhanced absorbers, multispectral devices) that provide improved photoconductive performance. In the second part of the lecture I will discuss the AIM Photonics Institute, which educates current and future industry professionals in advanced technologies and manufacturing methods, providing the workforce with the competency to discover disruptive applications, build prototypes and finally transition them to high volume manufacturing. A glimpse into the negotiation of this path at AIM Photonics Academy will be provided. An introduction will be made to the AIM Photonics Institute facilities, including its world-class CMOS photonics foundry at SUNY-Poly in Albany, and its Test Assembly and Packaging (TAP) facility in Rochester, NY.

 Biography:  Dr. Anu Agarwal received her doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering from Boston University in 1994, where she investigated the spatial extent of point defect interactions in silicon. She has been at MIT since 1994. Currently, as a Principal Research Scientist, she is developing integrated Si-CMOS compatible linear and non-linear materials for photonic devices, especially in the mid-IR regime, for hyperspectral imaging and chem-bio sensing. She has over 250 journal and refereed conference publications, 17 awarded patents and 4 pending patents. As Leader of the AIM Academy LEAP at MIT since Jan 2018, she is (i) building a roadmap document of photonic sensors through the Integrated Photonic Systems Roadmap (IPSR) and World Technology Roadmap Forum (WTRF), by identifying technology gaps in materials, components and systems for photonic sensors, and (ii) enabling education and workforce development in integrated photonics, and (iii) exploring innovative photonic testing and packaging solutions.

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