16th Annual CPNM Public Administration Research Conference (PARC) - a Virtual Conference

Thursday, March 24, 2022 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Join us for the 16th Annual UCF Public Administration Research Conference (PARC).

In an effort to overcome the vulnerabilities and challenges faced by communities and leaders around the world, government and nonprofit organizations must plan a way forward that addresses the public policies, administrative procedures, and infrastructure shortfalls laid bare by the global pandemic. This requires flexibility and willingness to implement new opportunities and innovations during times of uncertainty that are being shaped by the continually evolving pandemic environment.

This year’s conference theme, “Promoting broadened prosperity, social equity, community resilience, and inclusive governance through policy reform and public service from local to global initiatives” offers an opportunity to present research, showcase practitioner field experiences, and hear from leaders working to protect public safety and security, ensure governance and stability, pursue resilience and sustainability, and preserve community and society. To this end and through a hybrid conference, the 16th annual Public Administration Research Conference will bring together students, academics, and practitioners to steward conversations, facilitate information sharing, and build or reinforce collaborative partnerships and knowledge networks that will enable public sector adaptations, innovations, or solutions that are pragmatically informed, action-oriented, able to be implemented through local, national, and international initiatives.

Join us to present your research, share an insightful context, or inspire and support the next hard steps that propel global society, reinvigorate noble public purpose, and the lift local institutions that keep our communities.

P a r k i n g a t U C F D o w n t o w n

Thursday, March 24 (afternoon and early evening)

  • Hybrid Pre-Conference Workshops
  • Hybrid Preconference Student Seminar
  • Hybrid Welcome and Networking Reception

Friday, March 25

  • Hybrid Welcome and Logistics
  • Hybrid Concurrent Panel Sessions (before and after the lunch hour)
  • Hybrid Keynote Speaker Address (during the lunch hour)
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