Exploring Identity through Poetry

Tuesday, November 8, 2022 10 a.m. to noon

Description Black feminist poet Audre Lorde opined, “I can choose only to be or not be, and in various combinations of myself. And as my breath is part of my breathing, my eyes of my seeing, all that I am is of who I am, is of what I do. The shortest statement of philosophy I have is my living, or the word “I.” Part of Lorde’s brilliance was her ability to weave into words the tensions and nuances of her identity and lived experience. In this immersive workshop, participants will read, hear, write and share poetry and poetic prose with the goal of exploring their own identity. Using Lorde’s work (and others) as a starting point, participants will emerge with the knowledge that multiple facets of identities are intractably interconnected within a person and with a poem that seeks to document that knowledge.

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Please note: Pre-registration is REQUIRED by no later than three days prior to the start of the workshop.

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