Tuesday, February 21, 2017 11 a.m. to noon

Presentation Overview

Engage in an interactive simulation demo followed by a discussion on the simulation and  instructional design attributes.  The Office of Research Integrity has developed a series of interactive movie simulations to help improve decision-making in the context of research conduct. “The Lab” simulation allows you to pick a specific type of character and make decisions for them. Its purpose is to help participants gain a better understanding of the decision-making process to avoid research misconduct. Dr. Smith will demonstrate the interactive simulation and lead a lively discussion on its impact on you and other graduate students at UCF.

Speaker Biography

Jo Ann Smith, Ph.D.  joined the School of Public Administration in 2010 to establish and direct the online Graduate Programs in Research Administration. Her Ph.D. is in Education with an emphasis in online instructional design and program evaluation. Dr. Smith is currently working on several projects: 1). a study on the retention and turnover of early career research administrators; 2.) a research capacity building project for the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi; and 3). as an external evaluator on a NIH-funded project. She teaches online graduate courses in grant proposal writing, program evaluation, strategic planning, and research models and leadership. Dr. Smith past research included online instructional design for professional development, specifically examining the factors that influence the continuance intention of online users. 


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