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Friday, March 10, 2017 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Production team
Director - Judi F. Siegfried
Assistant Directors - Tyler Ham, Jackie Dolan
Stage Manager - Janine Papin
Lighting Designer - Heather Sladick

Rather Be
Choreographer: Briana Hazzi
Carly Chernoff, Alaric Frinzi, Colleen Broome, Sabrina Spence, Kayla Reyburn, Kyle Laing, Madeline Regier, Kendahl Krause, Savannah Bochnik, Elizabeth Laches, Jordyn Markoff, Emily Hopman, Ben Baugher

The Struggle is Real
Choreographer: Tabitha Clear
Depression and the relapse into further despair
Amber Steward, Madison Daniel, Lindsiann Taylor, Quadirria WyGant, Laurel Mengers

Choreographer: Mackenzie White
Futuristic, alien, contemporary hip-hop
Casey Lucidi, Samantha Mailhot, Andrea Sanchez, Katie Soo

Body Love
Choreographer: Madison Daniel
Loving ourselves and our bodies no matter what
Madison Daniel, Kayla Reyburn, Krystal Huot, Madeline Regier, Tabitha Clear, Carly Chernoff

Bldg. 56
Choreographer: Jackie Dolan
The unconditional love between friends who have struggled through life’s hardships together
Mikey Reichert, Ryan Koch, Caleigh Thykadavil, Megan Crawford, Jackie Dolan

Choreographer: Karina Rodriguez
A girl is pursued and kidnapped and finds the strength from previous victims.
Tyler Ham, Sabrina Spence, Lauren Brumsey, Yolanda Gonzalez, Megan Fuhrman, Crystal Ruiz

Choreographer: Shelby Pfeifer
Enchantresses take advantage of a runaway boy.
Lisa Terauchi, Krystal Huot, Elisabeth Christie, Ryan Koch

Choreographer: Lacey Rumberger
Two different sides who refuse to open their eyes to each other
Kristen Broskey, Emily Hopman, Noelle Oxboel, Samantha Mailhot, Laurel Mengers

One Night Only
Choreographer: Kyle Laing
A battle of adultery to disco proportions
Madeline Regier, Yolanda Gonzalez, Kayla Reyburn, Samantha Wong, Tyler Ham, Lindsiann Taylor

Seasonal Love
Choreographer: Lisa Terauchi
“Seasonal Love” is a story inspired by the Greek myth of Hades abducting Persephone.
Austin Branks, Alaric Frinzi, Krystal Huot, Ryan Koch, Casey Lucidi, Shelby Pfeifer, Michael Lopez, Brian Alford


Choreographer: Madison Gunst
Neo-classical ballet
Alaric Frinzi, Austin Branks, Lauren Brumsey, Madison Gunst, Michael Lopez, Michael Olaribigbe

She’s Gone
Choreographer: Megan Smith
Experiences with sleep paralysis, accompanied by hallucinations with a sleep disorder
Lisa Terauchi, Savannah Bochnik, Elizabeth Laches, Tanesa Soman, Chris Payen, Caleigh Thykadavil

Tourist Trap
Choreographer: Amber Steward
A tourist stumbles across a celebration of ritual sacrifice.
Kyle Laing, Michael Olaribigbe, Mikey Reichert, Yolanda Gonzalez, Sara Smith, Katie Whittemore, Elisabeth Christie

Choreographer: Kendra Weaver and Kevin Lim
The manifestation of chaos through sound and movement—Dancers bring new age electronic music to life using fundamental styles of hip hop incorporated into urban style choreography.
Titus Bang, Randall Collins, Sara Smith, Madison Gunst, Meric Rowe, Tanesa Soman

Choreographer: Tyler Ham
An expression of love triumphing over social ignorance and injustice
Kyle Laing, Tyler Ham, Casey Lucidi, Karina Rodriguez, Andrea Sanchez, Crystal Ruiz, Caleigh Thykadavil

Choreographer: Mikey Reichert
“Anthony” is dedicated to my brother, Anthony, and those who have or are currently battling the grasp of addiction.
Mikey Reichert, Lauren Brumsey, Katie Whittemore, Austin Branks, Laurel Mengers, Michael Olaribigbe, Colleen Broome

Rise Up
Madison Daniel—Miss UCF 2017

If I Ain’t Got You
Choreographer: Carli Schiffres
Feel-good, sassy contemporary
Andrea Sanchez, Amber Steward, Tabitha Clear, Megan Fuhrman

Turn Up The Music
Choreographer: Madison Daniel
Crystal Ruiz, Elisabeth Christie, Jasmine Glover, Kristen Broskey, Megan Crawford, Michael Lopez, Noelle Oxboel, Quadirria WyGant, Rachel Frangie, Lacey Rumberger, Michael Olaribigbe, Samatha Mailhot, Olivia Roman


Trinity Preparatory School: 5700 Trinity Prep Lane, Winter Park, FL 32792 * [ View Website ]

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Date Location
March 10, 2017, 7 p.m. Trinity Preparatory School: 5700 Trinity Prep Lane, Winter Park, FL 32792
March 11, 2017, 2 p.m. Trinity Preparatory School: 5700 Trinity Prep Lane, Winter Park, FL 32792


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