Monday, March 27, 2017 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Teaching Tolerance and Peace in Education: American Experiences and International Lessons

Education has always played a central role in managing change.  Since 2001, the world has grappled to meet the challenges posed by extremism, political instability, economic inequality, and social unrest. World leaders have sought answers as to how to promote stability through understanding. 

  • What role does education play in promoting tolerance and peace? 

  • How have educators addressed past challenges to social unity? 

  • What programs and approaches worked in promoting these ideals? 

  • What can be done on the local, national, and international level to promote these values?  


9:15-10:30 a.m.    Session 1: Defining Tolerance, Diversity and Peace: History and Overview - Dr. Patricia Avery, University of Minnesota

Goal: The goal of this session is to discuss the roles that education has in creating constructive change in society drawn on by specific historical examples. This session will also ideally focus on how education must evolve with changes in demographics to best handle controversial issues and dissent.

10:45-12:00pm      Session 2: Tolerance, Diversity, and Education in Practice - Dr. James Gibson, Washington University in St. Louis

Goal: The goal for this session is to discuss how the concepts of tolerance and diversity have been applied to society in different – particularly through education. This session will also look at the detrimental effects that can occur when society fails to embrace tolerance and diversity.

12:00-1:30pm         Session 3: Working Lunch: Understanding Local Efforts - Panel

Goal: The goal for this session is to discuss efforts underway in the community and state. The panel will provide an overview of these efforts and what project have and have not been effective.

1:45- 3:00pm          Session 4: Education for Tolerance and Global Peace - Dr. Peter Levine, Tufts University

Goal: The goal for this session is to discuss how education can be used as a tool for tolerance, civic engagement, and peace both on domestic and global level. This session will also ideally focus on the role that technology and globalization has on education to achieve tolerance and peace.


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