Friday, November 3, 2017 7 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.

Each year the Film Program at the UCF School of Visual Arts and Design hosts the Fall Showcase – A retrospective of short films that expose viewers to the groundbreaking world of independent, micro-process cinema. Some of the finest examples from the previous year’s crop of student films are brought together for a single night of celebration.


A Grave Matter – Dylan Thompson (Capstone) - A kidnapping goes awry when two hit men realize they’ve nabbed the wrong guy.

Jimbo’s Limbo – Daniel Reinert (D1) – Jim is skeptical when his co-worker tells him that cracking his neck will cause a release of residual LSD.

Engaging Conversation – Stanley Swindling (D2) – Two couples meet in the park, each hiding a secret. It gets weird.

Eleven – Blayne Parker (Capstone) - A battered detective’s tormenting past resurfaces during a case

Abandoned – Kathryn Jenkins (D2) – A young woman explores a house , and while looking for resources, is forced to remember what she has lost.

Me and Her – Alejandro Watson (IS)The relationship of two long time friends evolves.

Parece Que Va A Llover – Christopher Campa (D2) – A mother and son struggle to make a home for themselves within the confines of a Kissimmee motel.

Mark – Olivia Wilson (D1) – Mark and Adrian tacitly experience the destructiveness that their ignorance has on their relationship.

If Found, Please Return – Sydney Ray (Capstone – Grant Winner) - A kleptomaniac named Charlie steals a diary detailing a life of a woman working through chronic depression.

Strangers – Andres Erickson (D1) – A young couple consumed by technology is forced to “meet again” when their everyday routine comes to a sudden halt.

Forget Me Not – Sarah Ballard (D2) – An exploration of the natural complexities within a maternal relationship, or lack thereof.

Where Have I Been Before – Dylan Alexander Thompson (D1) – An unconventional look at the influence of the internet and technological trends of the modern era.

We Love You, Stephanie – Sara Ambra (Capstone) – “Good luck in your first semester, Stephy! You're our rising star! Love, Mom, Dad, and Tabitha”

So The Other Day in Daytona Beach – Josh Evangelista (Capstone) - Two talkative people share anecdotes while loitering around Daytona Beach.

Diamond Days – Julian Baner (Capstone) – “Sometimes when I'm thinking about old stuff, I get so confused...”


Doors open at 6:30pm. Free parking is available in garage F.

Preceded by a closing recieption in the UCF Art Gallery for the FROM THE MARGINS: A Retrospective of Experimental Cinema at UCF exhibition running from October 16th to November 3rd.

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