Friday, February 23, 2018 noon to 1 p.m.

Speaker: Rich Fontaine

The topic of discussion How to find your Purpose in life. In my own journey, they way I found my Purpose was first to find my "Why?" My reason for my life and that was my grandmother who raised 7 kids are her own with no help while not being able to speak English. I became the only one in the family that bared her last name that was not in trouble with the Law or offering from Bi-Polar Schizophrenia. Having a major "why" in your life will push you beyond what you believe is possible. Number 2, is to never ask yourself how, leave that up to nature and it always works itself how, just focus on number 3, which is your "what?" What do you want out of life? Most people say they want to be happy, but my happiness is much different than others, so we want to become more well defined. Lastly, once you find your purpose and begin to pursue it, you must keep a positive out look on life. This is how I went from getting kicked out of college twice to graduating with a BS in Civil Engineering and from having no goals and aims, to having 3 published books, my own company and a speaker with Les Brown.

Bio: Rich Fontaine is a sought after speaker with great dramatic talents, storytelling abilities and humorous skills providing outstanding information to help individuals increase the success in their lives personally, financially, spiritually and consulting in personal relations in business.

He has learned from studying under the Top 5 Speaker and Toastmaster of all time, Les Brown and has written several books, most notable was The EastSide, an Urban Romance Novel which was nominated for Best Urban Fiction by the AAMBC.

He mixes the sciences by using certain Laws of Physics to drive his points home, using his studies as a Civil Engineer to be more practical in reaching his audiences, giving them new insights and understandings.
Rich Fontaine will help you achieve your goal, become more financially stable, improve time management, advance in your industry, increase your sales and help you establish long lasting relationships, in business and in the home.


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