Wednesday, February 21, 2018 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

UCF's engineering students invite you to the Engineering II and Harris Engineering Center atriums, as well as the lawn in between both buildings, to participate in more than 10 interactive displays that demonstrate engineering principles with fun, engaging activities and games. 

Activities are free, open to everyone, and include:

Take a 30-second ride on a leaf-blower-powered hovercraft; play with robots; giant Jenga; build and launch water bottle rockets; pressure drop project; test your skills on a quadcopter simulator; create a water filter from homemade materials; make mini trebuchets; learn about the effects of magnetism by playing with water tunnels; and more! 

Hosted by the Engineering Leadership and Innovation Institute (eli2), this is the showcase event for Engineers Week 2018 at UCF.

Every February, DiscoverE, formerly known as the National Engineers Week Foundation, celebrates #EngineersWeek to showcase the positive contributions engineers make to society. Engineers Week is part of many corporate and government cultures and is celebrated on every U.S. engineering college campus.


Engineering 2 Atrium


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