9th Annual Fall Showcase: A Retrospective of Short Films

Friday, November 9, 2018 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Once a year the Film Program at the UCF Nicholson School of Communication and Media hosts the Fall Showcase – A retrospective of short films that will expose viewers to the groundbreaking world of independent cinema. Some of the finest examples from the previous year’s crop of student films are brought together for a single night of celebration each Fall semester.


  • "Calcutta Kolkata" by Hannah Mitchel and Alan De Oliveira (7:20) [Independent Study Abroad]
  • "Blck" by Aaron Jackson (2:30) [Experimental Cinema]
  • "Pencil" by Dane Gerwig (7:18) [Capstone]
  •  "Radio Rage FM" by William Ruback (3:16) [D1]
  •  "Everyone’s Gone to the Moon" by Mario Escoto (3:16) [D1]
  •  "video8 dreams" by Adam Mirajkar (3:00) [D1]
  •  "Same Difference" by Destiny Deming (7:00) [Capstone]
  •  "The Social Deconstruction of Gender" by Ella Figueiredo (4:46) [Experimental Cinema]
  •  "American Foreigner" by Alexander Santaella (3:43) [Experimental Cinema]
  •  "Jason" by Kayla Beadle (7:00) [Documentary Workshop]
  •  "Intrustion" by Ali Akbari (2:30) [Experimental Cinema]
  •  "Blame" by Kiersten Fucheon (5:00) [D2]
  •  "Mujer en Dia" by Juanita Umana (3:16) [D1]
  •  "It’s Time" by Stephen Maxwell (7:00) [D3]
  •  "Lady Bikers" by Ramsay Kujawa (13:14) [Independent Study Abroad]
  •  "nothing is a thing" by Kathryn McCarthy (9:00) [Capstone]

Doors open at 6:30 pm.

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