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Thursday, August 28th

Date Description
Aug 28 10:30 am Blood Drive at UCF Student Union (STUN)
Blood drives are one of the many ways our Knight family demonstrates its giving spirit. Come join us on the Big Red Bus! Visit our website below for further information about blood drives at UCF and related special events.
Aug 28 11:00 am Social Networking Strategies Career Services Experiential Learning CSEL)
Take your job search online. Learn effective strategies for searching and networking online with systems including KnightLink, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites.
Aug 28 12:00 pm Timeshare Industry Overview & Executive Panel Rosen College of Hospitality Management
Overview of the timeshare industry, presentation of student club, description of student industry opportunities and Executive Panel Q&A. Presentation: 12:00 - 1:15 p.m. in the Rosen College Auditorium Industry Expo & Beverage Reception: 1:15 - 2:30 p.m. in the Rosen College Courtyard Wyndham Vacation Ownership will have a special session for graduate students only. The session will focus on WVO's Director in Training program.
Aug 28 12:00 pm Free Trademark, Copyright & Startup Legal Advice Student Union (STUN)
Attorney Biff Godrey will be hosting a free info session for all UCF students with questions in the areas of trademarks, copyrights and startups. Though his usual fee is $300 per hour he has decided to donate his time to ensure students are able to navigate the tricky gray areas of the law and their intellectual property rights. -- Though all students are welcome seating is limited to the first 40. Students are encouraged to show up early to ensure they receive a seat. This free event is hosted by the Blackstone LaunchPad located on the first floor of the student union. The Blackstone LaunchPad is UCF's official startup center providing free coaching, resources and events for students.
Aug 28 01:00 pm Blood Drive at UCF Recreation & Wellness Center (RWC)
Blood drives are one of the many ways our Knight family demonstrates its giving spirit. Come join us on the Big Red Bus! Visit our website below for further information about blood drives at UCF and related special events.
Aug 28 01:00 pm Building Winning Resumes Rosen College of Hospitality Management
Employers will spend less than 30 seconds when first reviewing your resume. Learn to design a resume that gets the recruiter's attention and targets the job you want.
Aug 28 04:00 pm Job Search Strategies Career Services Experiential Learning CSEL)
Gather information about the job market and how to effectively identify employment opportunities to get the job you want.
Aug 28 05:00 pm SHAC Meeting Health Center
The students who serve on the Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) are an integral part of the UCF Health Center. SHAC members do everything from participating in public health campaigns, to volunteering at health fairs. If you are passionate about health and helping others, this group is for you! Interested in joining? If you are interested in joining, please complete the online registration form located at http://hs.ucf.edu/shac.html . For more information, email the SHAC president at ucfshacpres@gmail.com. Fall 2014 Meeting Schedule August 28 Sept. 25 Oct. 23 Nov. 20
Aug 28 06:00 pm Type 1 Support Group Market Place
Are you a student with Type 1 diabetes? Then you should join us! Type 1 is a support group for students where we talk about college life with diabetes… alcohol, relationships, roommates, late night snacks, exercise, and more. The group is led by medical professionals at UCF and pulls from a number of community resources. Your college experience will be better if you are involved with this group! Dinner is provided at each meeting for Type 1s. RSVP on our Facebook page: Type 1 at UCF. Upcoming Meetings: Thursday, Aug. 28 Wednesday, Sept. 24 (free flu shots at this meeting!) Thursday, Oct. 23 Wednesday, Nov. 19 All meeting are held in '63 South (formerly The Marketplace) from 6pm-9pm.
Aug 28 06:00 pm Contemporary A Cappella Auditions Student Union (STUN)
The time has finally come aca-fans! Fall auditions are upon us! We are so excited to hear all the talent that UCF has to offer and can't wait to see you all! Auditions for So Noted (all-female), KeyHarmony (all-female), Gemini Blvd. (co-ed), and our newest addition, Voicebox (co-ed) will be held during the second week of classes, from Monday, August 25th through Friday, August 29th. Male auditions for Voicebox and Gemini Blvd. will be held on Monday and Thursday, meanwhile Female auditions for all four groups listed will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Callbacks will be held the following Tuesday and Wednesday, September 2nd and 3rd. Get excited everyone! Prepare a verse and chorus of a song that shows off your talents and sign up today! Walk-ins are also welcome!
Aug 28 06:30 pm Dr. Pete Sinelli Presenting at A Taste of Science at East End Market Off-Campus
Dr. Pete Sinelli will be speaking this Thursday, August 28th, at 6:30pm at the East End Marked in the Audubon Park Exchange. East End Market hosts A Taste of Science serious geared towards adults that pairs a science discussion with a related food demonstration. You can learn more about the East End Market and food demonstration paired with Dr. Sinelli’s presentation at the following link: http://www.eastendmkt.com/events/taste-of-science/. Dr. Sinelli will be presenting “A Brief History of Salt: Beyond the Shaker on Your Kitchen Table.” The presentation is free to attend. See the abstract below: Title: A Brief History of Salt: Beyond The Shaker on Your Kitchen Table Today salt is as ubiquitous as sunshine. Across cultures, it is the most common condiment on the planet. Anywhere in the industrialized world a pound of it can be had at the grocery for less than a dollar, and in winter trucks dump millions of tons of it on our roads each time it snows just a little. And because it is so cheaply added to almost everything we eat to enhance flavor, our own doctors tell us to limit our intake of it because we consume too much of it without even trying. But until about a century ago, salt was one of the most prized commodities on Earth. Humble salt? Why? Because it is essential to the biological function of all terrestrial vertebrates, including Homo sapiens. Over time as a species, humanity has demonstrated that it can get along quite nicely without agriculture, or fossil fuels, or even smartphones and Facebook. But we literally will cease to exist without a regular intake of sodium chloride. People need salt to live, and in past times when they did not enjoy the surfeit of it that we have today, they did whatever was necessary to obtain it. The earliest states in human history trace their roots, in part, to management of this resource. The early Mesopotamian states and Chinese Dynasties funded their empires by controlling it, and fought wars with their rivals over access to it. It was so valuable, even Roman Legionnaires were sometimes paid in it (indeed the Latin word for salt, "sal", is the root word for the English term "salary"). Salt built empires. Salt dominated commerce and helped chart the path of many modern Nation States. Salt made some people millionaires while simultaneously subjugating countless others to its world order, even amongst indigenous peoples in North America who lived well before Columbus. It is a fascinating little rock, and the human aspect of its story will be revealed at this discussion. Please visit the website to register for the free presentation. You may also register and pay for the food demonstration held afterwards if you wish to attend.
Aug 28 07:30 pm BCM Weekly Meeting Student Union (STUN)
Join us for our BCM weekly meeting at 7:30pm in the Cape Florida Ballroom (SU 316) in the Student Union. The band will be leading us in worship and our director, Brad Crawford, will be speaking from the Bible. Afterward we will go grab dinner somewhere around UCF. This promises to be an encouraging evening of worship, reflection, and fellowship!
Aug 28 08:00 pm Bowling Knight Off-Campus
Join Every Nation Campus Ministries for a night of fun at Boardwalk Bowl. It's only $1. You will enjoy yourself as you meet fiends and play games. https://www.facebook.com/ENCMatUCF

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