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Sep 4 08:30 am Supervisory Skills Series(UCF Faculty & Staff Only) Human Resource: OD & Training
September 4, 11, 18, & 25, 2014 from 8:30-5:00 p.m. This 32-hour program introduces the day-to-day aspects of supervision, as well as the basics of effective management practices and techniques. It is intended for new supervisors. It includes core supervisory and leadership skills with UCF-specific procedures and guidelines. The workshops are facilitated by subject matter experts from the UCF campus. Normally designed in four 8-hour days (meeting once a week), the series also can be configured to meet a department’s scheduling requirements. The series is open to all UCF faculty and staff, with the only cost being a one-time $100 materials fee charged to each participant’s department by way of an Interdepartmental Transfer (initiated by our office) here . The 10 modules of this interactive, hands-on series are: • The Leader's Role: Focus on leadership roles, qualities, effective management styles, and strengthening cultural diversity. • Personalities at Work/MBTI: Recognizing and effectively managing the various behavior styles that affect the workplace. This workshop is based on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. • Coaching and Counseling: Developing a positive attitude within the team. Also introduces an effective coaching model. • Employment Law: Provides an understanding of the various laws affecting the workplace, and how to legally and responsibly respond to various situations surrounding those laws. • Time Management: An in-depth look at time management and how personal planning, scheduling, and prioritizing can add to productivity. Also includes some tips for delegating, and how to deal with common "time wasters." • Ethical Leadership: Discusses our responsibility as ethical leaders, policies & procedures, how to promote an ethical culture • Leadership and Customer Service: An introduction to the customer service initiative on campus and the role leaders play in ensuring service excellence. • Constructive Discipline/Performance Appraisals: Focuses on using progressive discipline as an optimum management tool; provides an understanding of specific UCF rules and procedures. Provides a review of UCF's Performance Appraisal procedure. Also covers the merits of setting goals, tracking performance, and evaluating fairly. • Team Building: Learn to give employees the responsibility and the authority to work more effectively as individuals and as diverse team members. • Interviewer Certification: Learn the UCF hiring process, and how to utilize behavioral interviewing techniques, while practicing affirmative action and avoiding discrimination. The course agenda can be found here . Register now for SUP000 MyUCF!
Sep 4 09:00 am Collective Bargaining Notice Innovative Center(IC)
The next collective bargaining session between the University of Central Florida and the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees will take place at 9:00 a.m., on Thursday, September 4, 2014, in the Innovative Center (IC) room 102.
Sep 9 03:30 pm Protecting Personal Information: Identity Theft (UCF Faculty and Staff Only) Human Resource: OD & Training
Identity Theft is America's fastest growing and most costly crime. Florida ranked #1 in the nation for reported complaints of identity theft and #1 in fraud complaints reported to the Federal Trade Commission in 2012. Join Theresa Ronnebaum and her eye opening workshop that will proactively educate attendees about identity theft protection, and drastically help you reduce your chances of suffering from this crime. Course objectives: · What is Identity Theft? · What is Personal Identification Information? · Top ID Theft and Fraud Complaints in Florida · What is Stolen Identity Tax Refund Fraud (SIRF) · Types of Data Breaches · Five Principles to Safe Guard Personal Information Register now for LIF151! Contact Information: Office of the Attorney General Orlando, Florida (407) 999-5588
Sep 17 03:00 pm Internet Safety (UCF Faculty and Staff Only) Human Resource: OD & Training
The internet is a wonderful resource for finding information and connecting with others. But it can also be a hazard. An innocent search might bring up adult images. Strangers might steal your information. Or your child could experience cyber-bullying. This training will discuss: -Common Internet dangers -Steps to protect yourself and your children online -Warning signs to look for -Healthy habits for the Internet Register here!
Sep 23 01:00 pm CPR Training(UCF Faculty & Staff Only) Human Resource: OD & Training
Would you know what to do if you encountered a person who appeared to be unconscious? What would you do before help arrived? This hands-on course (Workplace FA & Safety Adult CPR/AED) follows the guidelines of the American Red Cross in teaching the proper CPR techniques for non-emergency personnel. Sponsored by UCF's Environmental Health and Safety Office, the class is limited to 16 participants. To purchase your own personal copy of the reference book used in class, call Jose Vasquez Perez at x3-2605. Facilitated by: Jose Vazquez Perez Environmental Health and Safety Register Now for LIF001 myUCF
Sep 24 02:00 pm Parents + Child= Parental Leave (Faculty & Staff only) Human Resource: OD & Training
(UCF Faculty & Staff only) Are you anticipating parenthood? This free workshop is offered specifically for soon-to-be new parents, adoptive parents and those who are anticipating a foster child placement. The focus will be on helping employees plan for and make decisions regarding a Parental Leave of Absence. For example, as an employee, did you know you need to request a Parental Leave from the University thirty (30) days in advance? This short, one to two hour, workshop is intended to provide you with your rights and responsibilities prior to, during, and after a parental leave. The workshop will cover topics such as requesting a Parental Leave, planning for benefits coverage during a leave, adding your new arrival to your insurance, plus advise you on using your accrued leave and much more. You will be provided with a "Parental Leave Information Kit" and we will aim to answer all of your questions and concerns regarding your employment as it relates to this joyful time in your life. Facilitated by: Benefits and Leave of Absence Team Members Human Resources
Oct 7 09:00 am HR Liaison Network Meeting (UCF Faculty & Staff Only) Student Union (SU) Cape Florida, room 316
UCF's Human Resources Department launched a series of meetings for the HR Liaison Network by hosting quarterly "HR Liaisons" meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to provide a forum for communication between HR Staff and the HR Liaisons for continuous improvement in HR programs, services and best practices for the UCF community. The network is comprised of people who have significant responsibility for HR-related activities and have completed the HR Liaison Program training. A number of staff members from Human Resources will be present to discuss changes to HR procedures, programs, and other related issues. In addition at the quarterly meetings, HR Liaisons will: *find out about dates and deadlines for events (performance reviews, benefits open enrollment, payroll processing, etc.); *bring problems or concerns from departments to be discussed with HR staff; *share ideas, solutions or obstacles in their positions with other HR liaisons; *take back information to their own departments; *act as a point person within a department for HR to contact with questions or to relay information; *occasionally attend round table sessions with HR to help generate ideas, address concerns, and work with other liaisons. Register Now for PER098 myUCF
Oct 8 01:00 pm First Aid (Faculty & Staff Only) Human Resource: OD & Training
Learn how to determine the signs, symptoms, and treatment of everything from sprains and fractures to bleeding, poisonings, and burns. Please dress comfortably to participate in practice exercises on the floor. Workshop requires a minimum of 6 participants and maximum of 20 participants. Facilitated by: José Vazquez Environmental Health and Safety Register Now for LIF014 myUCF
Oct 15 03:00 pm Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle (Faculty & Staff only) Human Resource: OD & Training
You can live a healthy life by adopting healthy habits and thoughts! This is an achievable goal in anyone's life. In this seminar, we'll review behaviors and beliefs that make up a healthy life, including: • An overview of a healthy lifestyle • Understanding the basics of healthy eating • The role of exercise • The power of sleep • How setting and reaching goals empowers us to live well Facilitated by: Horizon Health, UCF’s EAP Register now at MyUcf
Oct 22 01:00 pm Interviewer Certification (UCF Faculty & Staff Only) Human Resource: OD & Training
Do you want to hire the best people? During this workshop we will: * Introduce the concept of behavioral interviewing * Examine areas of possible discrimination concerns * Review hiring procedures * Offer 100+ interview questions to select from for your interviews * Provide sample reference check questions Upon completion of the program, participants earn the designation of “Certified Interviewer,” a requirement for those who sign employment paperwork. Facilitated by: Maria Beckman, Director, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Program Joshua Tschiggfrie, HR Coordinator Human Resources Recruitment Register Now for PER006 at myUCF

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