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Tuesday, July 23rd

Date Description
Jul 23 10:30 am Sleeping Beauty No Location
$12 student tickets half hour before show/ $10 off all advanced tickets. - It's Princess Rose's birthday and the entire kingdom is rejoicing! But the bitter wise woman, Wartsuch, disrupts the celebration and casts a wicked curse on the little princess dooming her to sleep for 100 years. Will good triumph over evil? Complete with a brave, handsome prince, a beautiful princess, and a magical kiss, this quirky retelling of Sleeping Beauty will introduce the classic fairy tale to a new generation of kids and families.
Jul 23 02:30 pm Adobe Illustrator for Beginners: Brushes Panel Computer Center I (CC1)
A free hands-on class for beginner Adobe Illustrator users. Students will learn how to work the paint brush panel, as well as make their own paintbrush. Bring your own computer with Illustrator installed, trial versions work. We recommend bringing an external mouse. Like our page to keep updated! www.facebook.com/UCFTechCommons
Jul 23 03:00 pm Relax and Flow… Counseling Center (COUN)
Tuesdays 3:00-4:30pm This drop-in workshop is an excellent introductory class for beginners or those wanting to work on the basics of asana (poses), pranayama (breathwork), & meditation. Open to all students using a sign-in process. Seating is limited. Beginning May 13 through July 23.
Jul 23 04:00 pm Academics in Pre-Professional Majors Hercules Programming Center
Wondering how to become competitive for med school, law school or another health-professional school? Join the OPPA staff to learn how our office can assist you in pursuing a Pre-Professional program.
Jul 23 05:30 pm The Law and You Academic Villages 1 (AV1)
Confused about contracts, credit scores and criminal issues? Student Legal Services will teach you about your rights and responsibilities of being an adult and walk you through some common legal situations encountered by UCF students. Freshmen earn LINK loot.
Jul 23 06:30 pm Creating a Peacful Living Space Academic Villages 1 (AV1)
Whether you are going to live on-campus, off-campus, at home, with someone you know, or will be meeting for the first time, it is important to establish boundaries and create a means of communicating issues. When you chose to live with someone else, the art of compromise must be recognized. Learn how to develop a living space of peace, civility, and respect from day one.

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