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Monday, April 7th

Date Description
Apr 7 11:00 am Beginner InDesign Class [How to Make a Business Card] Computer Center I (CC1)
Brand new for Spring 2014! The Tech Commons is now offering FREE Adobe InDesign classes to students, staff, and faculty. Adobe InDesign is the ideal software for creating professional and eye-catching publications and prints. These workshops are beginner level and ideal for those with no experience in InDesign. This week's lesson will teach you how to create a double-sided business card. Whether you're advertising for an organization or simply yourself, a good business card is a necessity. Luckily InDesign makes the process fun and easy! Class is held in Technology Commons 1 Room 102C (TC1-102c). Bring your own computer with InDesign installed (version CS6 or higher). Trial versions work. Bringing an external mouse is highly recommended.
Apr 7 12:00 pm Mobile App Development 101 Student Union (STUN)
Come out and learn the basics of Mobile App Development from Josh Imel. Josh Imel is the Founder and President of Teeps, a mobile development company based out of Orlando. Founded in 2012 by two young entrepreneurs, Teeps provides the highest quality mobile application development for businesses and professionals.
Apr 7 01:00 pm QPOC Ferrell Commons (FC)
Join us for QPOC today from 1:00-2:00 in Pride Commons! This affinity group for students who identify as queer people of color. New attendees are always welcome!
Apr 7 02:30 pm CSWF Successful Women Seminar Series – Dr. Mary Lou Sole Student Union (STUN)
CSWF Successful Women Seminar Series – Dr. Mary Lou Sole, Interim Dean, UCF College of Nursing, Orlando Health Distinguished Professor and UCF Pegasus Professor College of Nursing. Title: Balancing Role Responsibilities to Achieve Success.
Apr 7 03:40 pm Mathematical Conversation Starters Health & Public Affairs I (HPA)
Prof. John DePillis Department of Mathematics, University of California, Riverside, author of 777 Mathematical Conversation Starters and Illustrated Special Relativity Through Its Paradoxes WHERE: Public Health and Affairs Building I, Room 112 WHEN: Monday, April 7, 2014, 3:40 – 4:40pm USING BASIC LINEAR ALGEBRA as a natural language of special relativity, and assuming very little knowledge of physics, we present a novel linear-algebraic derivation of the Lorentz transformation. Through the geometry of Minkowski diagrams, we analyze properties and paradoxes of special relativity. A BASIC ASSUMPTION of special relativity (SR) is that the speed of light in a vacuum is the same for all observers regardless of their speeds or the speed of the light source. Consequences of this simple axiom are profound. For example, rods in motion shrink in the direction of motion, and clocks in motion always run slower than stationary clocks. The TWIN PARADOX: One twin leaves Earth in a fast rocket ship and after fifty years, say, returns to Earth, having aged only 30 years. But if each twin is in symmetric motion relative to the other, why do the twins age at different rates? RIGIDITY and TIME REVERSAL Rigid systems are incompatible with SR usually because the motion of some rigid systems force certain particles to travel faster than the speed of light. However, we show in the bug-rivet paradox that rigidity can also cause time reversal in the sense that effect occurs before its cause. Talk will address the following questions: How does mathematics conflict with our notion of free will? Did Aristotle assert that women have fewer teeth than men do? And if he did, how did he get away with it? Can it be that Sherlock Holmes never deduced anything? How does our mind “do” algebra on its own without our realizing it? Does Infinity deserve a semi-mystical status? Does the fourth dimension deserve a semi-mystical status? Are three dimensions necessary for our existence? Can a quart of ink paint an infinite area? For more information contact judy.froehlich@ucf.edu
Apr 7 07:00 pm UCF Hillel Presents: The Bar Mitzvah! Northview
Come join us on April 7th as we celebrate the Bar Mitzvah! We will be partying the knight away as we honor our outgoing seniors! Food/ drink will be provided and DJ will be done by knightcast. Knightro will be there! We hope to see you there!

Ongoing Events:

Date Description
Apr 1 08:00 am—Apr 30 11:55 pm The Clothesline Project Student Union (STUN)
Experience the UCF Clothesline Project display throughout the month of April in the Student Union Atrium. Join Knight Advocates and UCF Victim Services on Market Days (Wednesdays 10am-2pm) in April outside the Student Union to paint a t-shirt and speak out against violence in our community. Victims, survivors, advocates, activists, anyone, everyone--all are welcome to express their emotions through this artistic outlet. Find out more about this national network at www.clotheslineproject.org.

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