GEEOlogue Webinar: A Conservative Solution to Solving Climate Change

Thursday, March 18, 2021 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Speaker: Bob Inglis
Former U.S. Representative

Former Congressman Bob Inglis (R-SC) is the founder and executive director of, a grassroots organization dedicated to advocating a conservative, free-enterprise approach to solving our nation's climate challenges. With the 2020 election in the rearview, there is a unique opportunity for conservatives to step up and offer a market-based solution.

Any real, workable solution must also be bipartisan and passed by Congress for it to be durable. Inglis will discuss how that durability can be achieved and why it's possible to bring both sides of the aisle together on climate through a revenue-neutral, border-adjustable carbon tax.

Speaker Bio:

Mr. Bob Inglis is the Executive Director of, a growing online, grassroots community of over 10,000 Americans educating the country about free-enterprise solutions to climate change. A former U.S. Congressman representing the Fourth District of S.C., Inglis launched the Energy and Enterprise Initiative (E&EI) in July 2012 at George Mason University, which later rebranded to in November 2014. 

RepublicEn is building an #EcoRight community of conservatives, who believe that with a true level playing field, free enterprise can deliver the innovation to solve climate change. For his work on climate change, Mr. Inglis was awarded the 2015 John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award. He appeared in the documentary film Merchants of Doubt and in the Showtime series YEARS of Living Dangerously.

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