Thesis Defense: Defining Creativity and Its Role in Marx's Philosophy

Wednesday, April 5, 2023 10 a.m. to noon

Announcing the Defense of Thesis of Carlos Avila for Honors in the Major Philosophy 

The intent of this thesis is to explore the concept of creativity as it appears in the major works of Karl Marx and to attempt to discern its role in the emancipatory political project that Marx proposes. Contemporary understandings of creativity still rely upon notions of the artist-genius, locating the "true" expression of creative freedom in the work of art. A more recent development is the commodification of creativity as a quality of a good worker, who is now expected to find innovative ways of doing their job more efficiently. Both of these ideas about creativity allow for our creative energies to be diverted towards maintaining the existing relations of capitalist labor. This thesis argues that creativity, as a fundamental human capacity, is an essential tool in making a break from our existing circumstances by creating something radically new. Therefore, the first step in an emancipatory politics today is redefining creativity. 

Dr. Christy Flanagan-Feddon

Dr. Michael Strawser 

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