OPTICA-SPIE STUDENT CHAPTER TALK: Dr. Jürgen Czarske, Excellence University TU Dresden, Germany

Tuesday, June 6, 2023 noon to 1 p.m.

Title: Advancing multicore fiber endoscopy and multimode fiber communication using deep learning and modern holography

 Abstract: Optical fibers play a crucial role for important applications in biomedicine and communication. Light has the potential to recognize the development of diseases, to prevent them or to heal them early and gently. Multicore fiber endoscopy is crucial for several diagnostics. Traditionally, however, lens-based imaging results in bulky systems. We will outline the 3D imaging with needle-sized endoscopes. Lensless fiber endoscopy exploiting deep learning and modern holography shows promise for novel cancer diagnostics in neurosurgery. Multimode fibers show promise for improving data rates in optical communications, but come with the challenge of compensating for modal crosstalk. By measuring the transmission matrix, it is not only possible to correct distortions, but also to exploit these effects to establish a confidential data connection between legitimate communication partners. Physics-informed deep neural networks and modern digital holography are involved. The proposed real-time transmission matrix measurements enable physical layer security and quantum communications. The memory effect of multicore fibers and the mode dependent losses of multimode fibers are highlighted for advances in needle-thin 3D endoscopes and for secure data communication, respectively.

About the Speaker: Juergen W Czarske (Fellow EOS, OPTICA, SPIE, IET, IOP, Senior Member IEEE) is director, full chair professor and senator of the Excellence University TU Dresden, Germany. He is director of Competence Center Biomedical Computational Laser Systems (BIOLAS) and advisor of SPIE-OPTICA-Student Chapter Dresden. Juergen is an international prize-winning inventor of laser-based technologies. His awards include the 2008 Berthold Leibinger Innovation Prize of Trumpf Laser Systems, 2019 OPTICA Joseph-Fraunhofer-Award/Robert-M.-Burley-Prize, 2020 Laser Instrumentation Award of IEEE Photonics Society, 2020 and 2021 SPIE Community Champion for volunteer activities, and 2022 SPIE Chandra S Vikram Award. Juergen has conducted more than 1000 talks and papers, including more than 250 papers in peer-reviewed journals, over 150 invited talks and over 30 patents. He is Vice President of International Commission for Optics, ICO, and was the general chair of the world congress ICO-25-OWLS-16-Dresden-Germany-2022 with 3 Nobel laureates and participants from over 55 countries of 5A (Africa, America, Asia, Australia, and Amazing Europe).

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