CREOL SEMINAR: Silicon Photonics Based Optical Transceivers - Dr. Farnood K. Rezaie '11MS '15PhD

Friday, June 2, 2023 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Abstract: Modern optical networks require scalable transceiver technologies, some of which are based on silicon photonics (SiPh). Silicon photonics are solid state devices based in silicon that convert between optical and electrical transmission states and may or may not contain analog and/or logic functional blocks designed and built within the same die. These networking products need to be reliable for long-term use in datacenter and telecommunication networks. Passive SiPh components such as waveguides, splitters, couplers, polarization splitters and/or rotators and multiplexers/de-multiplexers have different qualification and reliability test methods and requirements versus active SiPh components such as integrated lasers, modulators, photodiodes, and thermal tuners. To better understand, predict the potential failure mechanism and the micro-optic lifetime of the various devices that are monolithically integrated into SiPh chips, there needs to be a well-defined standardized qualification and reliability protocol across the industry.

About the Speaker: Currently a Technical Leader at Cisco Systems Inc., Farnood’s expertise is in developing optical networking technologies and silicon photonics-based interconnects. Previously at Tower Semiconductor, Farnood developed industry leading silicon photonics technologies for applications in optical transceivers, LiDARs and optical sensors. Before Tower, Farnood worked at Skorpios technologies on heterogenous integration of III-V into silicon photonics platform. Farnood is chair of IEEE-EPS Photonics technical committee, active member of Optica and member of JEDEC Silicon Photonics Qualification and Reliability Standards Task Group (within JEDEC 14.3). Farnood received his PhD from University of Central Florida in 2015 and BS from University of Tehran in 2009. Read More


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