CREOL COLLOQUIUM SERIES: Dr. Ben Yoo, University of California at Davis

Friday, September 8, 2023 11 a.m. to noon

Title: 3D Nanophotonic-electronic Integrated Circuits for Future Computing, Networking, and Imaging Systems with Self-Learning Capabilities

Abstract: We discuss nanoscale 3D-electronic-photonic-integrated-circuits (3D EPICs) and their applications in future intelligent cyberinfrastructure. The talk will be in three parts emphasizing computing, networking, and imaging systems with 3D EPICs. (1) We will pursue heterogeneous reconfigurable computing platforms consisting of neuromorphic computing and von Neumann computing systems. Neuromorphic computing systems include attojoule nanoscale optoelectronic neurons in 3D photonic neural networks to pursue brain-derived computing with self-learning capabilities, while von Neumann computing systems consist of 3D EPIC fine-grain accelerators and memory units interconnected by all-to-all photonic networks. (2) Networking systems exploit optical arbitrary waveform generation and measurement (OAWG and OAWM) technologies combined with RF-photonic 3D EPICs to realize elastic RF-Optical-Networking (ERON) for 5G-Optical networking systems in support of cognitive mobile networking at > 10 Gb/s per user supporting 100 Terabit/sec aggregated bandwidth. (3) Imaging systems with 3D EPICs exploit interferometric imaging and compressive sensing techniques to achieve high-resolution hyperspectral imaging at ~100x smaller size, weight, and power compared to the current state of the art. Recent experimental demonstrations achieved successful image reconstructions from interferometric imaging using photonic integrated circuits. We will summarize the talk by discussing future intelligent cyberinfrastructure enabled by 3D EPICs.

About the Speaker: Dr. S. J. Ben Yoo is a Distinguished Professor at the University of California at Davis (UC Davis). His research at UC Davis includes 2D/3D photonic integration for future computing, cognitive networks, communication, imaging, and navigation systems, micro/nano systems integration, and the future Internet. Prior to joining UC Davis in 1999, he was a Senior Research Scientist at Bellcore, leading technical efforts in integrated photonics, optical networking, and systems integration. His research activities at Bellcore included the next-generation Internet, reconfigurable multiwavelength optical networks (MONET), wavelength interchanging cross connects, wavelength converters, vertical-cavity lasers, and high-speed modulators. He led the MONET testbed experimentation efforts, and participated in ATD/MONET systems integration and a number of standardization activities. Prior to joining Bellcore in 1991, he conducted research on nonlinear optical processes in quantum wells, a four-wave-mixing study of relaxation mechanisms in dye molecules, and ultrafast diffusion-driven photodetectors at Stanford University (BS’84, MS’86, PhD’91, Stanford University). Prof. Yoo is Fellow of IEEE, OSA (Optica), NIAC and a recipient of the DARPA Award for Sustained Excellence, the Bellcore CEO Award, the Mid-Career Research Faculty Award (UC Davis), the Senior Research Faculty Award (UC Davis), and numerous best paper awards from IEEE, OPTICA, and ACM conferences.

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