Verizon- Leadership at all Levels

Monday, February 19, 2024 11 a.m. to noon

Join Verizon as we connect with leaders at all levels of the business and dive into opportunities available for UCF students to grow their leadership capabilities. Verizon shares what it means to live the #networkinglife and how to be successful. Networkinglife is part of the Verizon brand and speaks to not just their industry, but how to build your own network. Let a global brand help you find success in the #networkinglife. From Finance and Tech to Retail and beyond – your dream role may be closer than you think. Search our global network and start your future now.

Panelists: Damali M Salmon, James BevlinJuan Carlos Martinez, Kaitlyn Pruna

Moderator: Q Meon

Lunch will be sponsored after THE EXCHANGE

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The Exchange: BA1 Rm 148

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