Knights Write: Writing Expectations in an Age of AI

Thursday, February 8, 2024 noon to 1:15 p.m.

Access to AI-powered content generators impacts the ways many individuals approach their writing tasks. While individuals may make their own decisions about whether or not to use chatbots for personal writing, they may not have as much freedom to decide for themselves when it comes to using these tools for academic or professional purposes. Join us for this workshop-style session in which Laurie A. Pinkert, Director of Writing Across the Curriculum, describes what students and faculty need to know about emerging workplace and disciplinary expectations for writing with/for/and AI. The session will highlight some trends in AI-related writing expectations and provide insights from a recent policy development workshop with company leaders responsible for overseeing the integration or prohibition of AI-powered technologies on their teams. Attendees will learn about new and emerging genres that writers should prepare to engage in and some questions that every writer should ask. Don’t miss this chance to expand your expectations through this workshop on AI and its impact on writing.

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Student Union Pegasus Ballroom


Department of Writing and Rhetoric


School of Modeling Simulation and Training Events




Writing and Rhetoric writing across the curriculum University Writing Center