2024 Competitive Programming Summer Institute

Sunday, July 7, 2024 3 p.m. to Friday, July 19 at noon

The Summer Institute is an intensive two-week residential program for gifted and high-achieving students who have a background in computer science with an interest in algorithms and programming competitions. The program offers lectures on data structures and algorithms commonly seen in competitions, several practice competitions, problem reviews of those competitions, and personalized coaching from coaches and members of UCF’s acclaimed programming team. The camp is specifically designed to help students improve their performance in contests such as USACO, TopCoder, CodeForces, and eventually, the ACM ICPC. Although the camp is academically focused on programming competitions, the program will also include social activities and a kick-off event Sunday, July 10. One of the most important benefits to the participants is the opportunity to interact with like-minded peers who share similar interests and talents and to make lifelong friendships.

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