10th Annual Kill-A-Watt Energy Conservation Competition

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 midnight to Saturday, April 1

Want to win a scholarship for lowering your energy use? Participate in the Kill-A-Watt Energy Conservation Competition!

In years past, this competition has resulted in an average savings of nearly $50,000 over the two-month period. We’ve saved the university a total of 2,216,485 kWh of energy, equivalent to $216,004. The energy saved could power 200 average homes in the United States for a full year!

How To Win A Kill-A-Watt Scholarship

1. Be an on-campus resident.

Participating communities: Apollo, Hercules, Nike, Lake Claire, Libra, Neptune, NorthView, Rosen, Towers, Greek Park

2. Reduce your everyday energy usage.

Learn how at sustainable.ucf.edu.

3. Work together with your hall/building to produce the largest energy savings within your community.

4. On April 1st, find out if your building is a winner.

Residents of winning buildings can send in a video, digital art piece, or essay to enter. Submmissions should demonstrate how you reduced your energy consumption. Email submissions to sustainable@ucf.edu.

Find out more on our website.

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