Friday, February 23, 2018 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Speaker: Alex Schlinsky 

A presentation focus on the power of motivation, perseverance, and persistence.

'I'd discuss my story from graduating UCF with Cum Laude honors in Psychology, but still finding it difficult to decide what career path to choose (a struggle many students deal with in school and after graduation). I ultimately landed a job in sports journalism, and just 2 months later I was a credentialed media reporter for the Miami Dolphins. That opportunity only came about through sheer force of will and persistence, as I called the Dolphins PR department for 2 months straight before finally being credentialed. This persistence is something all students must learn if they seek to gain real-life experience in any business or entrepreneurial sector.
After realizing my dream, I soon came to the conclusion that journalism would not allow me to reach my financial goals. After a little over a year in the industry, writing over 10,000 articles and being featured on Yahoo, AOL, Sports Illustrated, and many other outlets, I found myself once again wondering what career path I should choose next.The anxiety set back in. I felt as if I was back to square one once again.
Through sheer serendipity, I met a digital marketing consultant who challenged me to dive into entrepreneurship, and I never looked back.

Three years later, through many ups & downs, my wife (also a UCF alum!) and I have built both a 6-figure digital marketing agency, as well as a 6-figure digital product. We have coached over 130 entrepreneurs in our program Prospecting On Demand™, helping many make their first $1 online, first $10,000 month, and first 6-figure year, all while helping the people and businesses they work with.

Entrepreneurship has provided me with opportunities I could have never dreamed of sitting in my Statistics and Social Psychology classes at UCF. But it's not even about the money. My biggest passion is having the opportunity to make a difference for someone. Journalism did not provide that opportunity, but entrepreneurship has, and it's been an incredibly rewarding experience seeing my students grow their businesses, hit their goals, and provide for their families they way they've always wanted. Having both time and financial freedom is something every student should strive for, and the anxiety of not knowing which path to choose at 17-22 years of age is completely natural.

 Yes there will be hiccups in the road, and yes "failure" is a prerequisite to your success, but you must "fail forward." The ideal behind it is to never accept failure, but take every opportunity as a learning experience, and a way to better yourself every day.

My goal is to inspire the students at UCF to follow their passions, to feel inclined to challenge themselves and step out of their comfort zone, and not to be concerned about going against the grain.'

Bio: From NFL and MMA credentialed media member, to serial entrepreneur coaching consultants, Alex Schlinsky’s story is unique to say the least!

Alex’s passion is helping entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams. Alex has directly contributed to over two dozen agencies and businesses generating their first $10,000 in monthly revenue, and a handful of others generating their first 6-7 figure year.

Currently, Alex’s mastermind and training course, Prospecting On Demand™, is his biggest passion. POD™ offers the most cutting edge and effective prospecting and sales methods to marketers, consultants, and entrepreneurs alike.


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