First Annual Judaic Studies Lecture Series - A Jewish Response to Jesus: Engaging the Gospels

Thursday, October 25, 2018 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Join the Judaic Studies Program and the UCF History Department for the First Annual Judaic Studies Lecture Series. Dr. Zev Garber, Professor Emeritus and Chair of Jewish Studies at Los Angeles Valley College, will present "A Jewish Response to Jesus: Engaging the Gospels"

Prof. Zev Garber, an observant Jewish academic, will address a Jewish response to Jesus, along with the consensus that Jesus lived and died a faithful Jew. He will address the ramifications of that reality for Jews and Christians then and now, focusing on the historicity of Jesus, and seeking ways of understanding Jesus in the religious and cultural environment of Second Temple Judaism. This involves encountering the Jewish Jesus in the spirit of reconciliation, and engaging in Jewish-Christian dialogue. Such dialogue affects self-identity and long-standing issues related to sacred belief, which are often fundamentally challenged by interacting, one with another.

To bridge the gap of misunderstanding, Prof. Garber suggests a Jewish approach to the Gospel, by which Jesus paves the road from Calvary to Auschwitz with teachings of teshuvah (“returning”) and “fulfillment” rather than “conversion” or “replacement.”

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