• Enactivist African Philosophy: Rethinking the Narrative of African Philosophy

    PSY 226: Psychology Building Room 226

    On his first semester after taking a research sabbatical, Dr. Bruce Janz will be sharing his research and upcoming project in this talk. Abstract: This session will serve two purposes. First, I will give an overview of the book I have been working on, Events in African Philosophy. Second, I will focus on one chapter from the book – on ...

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  • Islamic Traditions of Learning: Education and Ethics in Central and South Asia

    Classroom Building 1: Room 104

    Please join us for the Al-Ghazali Lecture series in Islamic Studies as we feature two prominent speakers: Dr. Francis Robinson, "Farangi Mahall: Home of a Pre-Reform Islamic Tradition in South Asia"&Dr. Cyrus Ali Zargar, "Intimacy with God as a Science: The Ethical Model of Khwāja ʿAbdallāh Anṣārī" This symposium considers Muslim scholarly traditions not often discussed but with lasting impact: ...

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