Events for Postdoctoral Scholars (Postdocs) at UCF. Managed by the College of Graduate Studies.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

  • College of Graduate Studies Town Hall

    Graduate Student Center Presentation Room: Trevor Colbourn Hall: 208

    The College of Graduate Studies invites all current graduate students to share with us any thoughts or concerns you have. We are here to support you throughout your graduate journey and these Town Hall events are a way for you to connect with the College Deans and share your experiences.   Register Here!

    Postdoc Events
  • Finding & Using Academic Sources


    This session highlights time-saving steps to locate academic sources for upcoming course assignments and literature reviews. Learn how to locate peer-reviewed articles and related sources for topics, identify relevant subject-databases and background information, develop a plan for reviewing sources, and tips to maximize Google Scholar.  This workshop is offered through the Office of Graduate Student Life. See for details.   

    Postdoc Events
  • Graduate Mocktails Networking

    Graduate Student Center: Trevor Colbourn Hall: 213

    Practice your conference networking skills at Graduate Student Life's Mocktails Networking event. This event, hosted in partnership with Career Services, offers an opportunity to practice the art of networking at a professional or academic conference. light refreshments will be provided.  

    Postdoc Events