Events related to the School of Modeling, Simulation, & Training including the Institute for Simulation & Training and M&S Graduate Program.

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

  • International Graduate Student Town Hall

    TCH 208

    Do you have an idea, concern, or thought you would like to share with the College of Graduate Studies Deans? This is your time to have your voice heard.  This session is for International Graduate Students. Not an international graduate student? Check the other dates and times. 

    School of Modeling Simulation and Training Events
  • Reflective Writing Workshop: Graduate School Edition with AAP

    Trevor Coulborn Hall 201: TCH 201 and Virtual

    The Reflective Writing Workshop in collaboration with Knights of Distinction will provide students with insight into what it means to write reflectively, how to analyze skills learned during varying experiences and how to articulate those skills to a specific audience. During the workshop, students will interpret the importance of varying skills learned during experiences, look back and refer to their …

    School of Modeling Simulation and Training Events
  • Amazon Web Services: Generative AI on AWS


    Generative artificial intelligence (AI) comprises models that can be used to generate new content such as images, text, video, audio or simulations. In this workshop we will provide an end-to-end understanding of building, training and deploying Generative AI models that can be leverage for your use case. Presented by Gabriel Brackman.

    School of Modeling Simulation and Training Events