Research Computing and Data Workshop Series: Expand Your Research Computing Capability on the Open Science Grid

Thursday, May 6, 2021 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

New in 2021! We are pleased to bring to the UCF Research community a series of workshops on scientific computing and research data management. These workshops are being jointly presented by UCF LibrariesUCF Graduate and Research IT and UCF Advanced Research Computing Center (ARCC) and will feature some guest speakers from the broader research community. This series also includes Software and Data Carpentries workshops ( which have been made possible through the sponsorship of Dr. Elizabeth Klonoff, Vice President for Research and Dean, College of Graduate Studies.

The workshops are targeted to faculty, post-docs and student researchers and will be especially useful for those who are new to computational science and interested in learning about the resources available to them at UCF and beyond. Topics span the areas of research data management, high-performance computing, and programming for scientific analysis and will feature some sessions with hands-on learning.

The May 6 session details are:

Title: Expand Your Research Computing Capability on the Open Science Grid


Could your computational work benefit from the ability to concurrently run hundreds or thousands of independent computations, for free? The Open Science Grid, or OSG, is a worldwide network of computing power contributed by colleges, national labs, and other research-supporting institutions. For researchers at these types of institutions in the United States, the National Science Foundation funds the OSG's Open Science Pool, with capacity from more than 100 sites to drive scientific research forward through use of distributed high throughput computing. This presentation will give an overview of the computing power available through the Open Science Pool and how this computing capability can accelerate research.


Christina Koch, Research Computing Facilitator at the Center for High Throughput Computing, University of Wisconsin – Madison


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