Research Computing and Data Workshop Series - High Performance Computing on Advanced Research Computing Center's Stokes and Newton Clusters

Tuesday, February 15, 2022 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Computational research can analyze models and/or data to reach new conclusions in faster ways or more complex scenarios. UCF has a 4000+ core cluster for general-purpose computation for research across many fields of academic work, and a 21-node gpu cluster for specialized computation. This workshop will review capabilities of the UCF Advanced Research Computing Center in general, with a focus on the two clusters (known as Stokes and Newton). Storage system usage, job scheduling and account balancing, and job submission will be covered with an interactive hands-on session (if an attendee does not yet have an ARCC account, please be sure to request an account ahead of time via the ARCC web site at

Presenters: Glenn Martin, Ph.D.; Jamie Schnaitter

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Research Computing and Data Workshops Series

We are pleased to bring to the UCF Research community a series of workshops on scientific computing and research data management. These workshops are being jointly presented by UCF LibrariesUCF Graduate and Research IT, and UCF Advanced Research Computing Center (ARCC) and will feature some guest speakers from the broader research community. This series also includes Software and Data Carpentries workshops ( which have been made possible through the sponsorship of Dr. Elizabeth Klonoff, Vice President for Research and Dean, College of Graduate Studies.

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