Social Work Perspectives & Puerto Rican Intersectionality (panel discussion)

Friday, September 23, 2022 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m.

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, UCF School of Social Work in partnership with UCF Puerto Rico Research Hub invites you to an event!

Join a panel of speakers who will discuss the history, culture, and shared experiences of the Puerto Rican identity and explore the importance of culturally competent social work.


SEPTEMBER 23, 2022 from 1:30-3 P.M. at the UCF BARBARA YING CENTER (12815 Scholarship Dr, Orlando, FL 32816) OR VIRTUAL


FREE TO ATTEND (Parking not included)**

Each speaker will present on their topic and the panel will end with a 15-minute Q&A discussion moderated by UCF School of Social Work faculty Iradly Roche.


  • Mike Dorta ‘10MSW, LCSW is a UCF Master of Social Work alumni, after graduating he explored Puerto Rican culture and history through a historical fiction graphic novel “The Legend of the Cacique Princess.” By using his story, Dorta will examine social work themes of cultural competency and how Puerto Rician children and families cope with leaving their ancestral home for a new one in the United States.
  • Michael Torres is the director of the documentary “Who is Albizu?” that explores the impact and importance of Pedro Albizu Campos, a leading figure in Puerto Rican independence movement. Torres will dissect Albizu’s famous September 23, 1950 speech “El Grito Lares” using a social work lens that identifies social justice concepts.
  • Estelli Ramos is a UCF School of Social Work faculty that will present on his topic titled "Puerto Ricans born and raised in the US: A Dual Perspective and Identity Development.” The speaker will present an analytical framework that allows social work students (and other disciplines) to learn about how Puerto Rican’s born and raised in the US identify and inter connect with dual perspectives on social and political identities. Ramos is also an ordained minister with the Metropolitan Community Church and serves as Associate Pastor of Joy MCC in Orlando.
  • Marena Montes-Colón is a UCF Interdisciplinary Studies undergraduate student who is working on her thesis "La Florriqueña: A historical Illustration of Puertorriqueñas' Presence in Central Florida." She will discuss her oral history investigation on Puerto Rican women in and/or from Central Florida through a Femme-Puerto Rican-Centric lens by tracing their presence in the region, highlighting diversity in self-definition and other experiences.

*Virtual link to attend will be provided after you register and prior to the event.

**Free to attend in-person and virtually. In-person UCF parking cost not included, must pay for parking. Parking instructions and tips will be emailed to you after registering.

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