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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

  • Womxn's Caucus Meeting

    Student Union: Charge on Chamber

    The Womxn's Caucus advocates and supports womxn in the community and UCF. The Womxn's Caucus serves as a place for safe and open conversations surrounding Womxn's issues. The caucus consists of SG agents who come together to advocate and listen to the student body's concerns. One of the main goals of the Womxn's Caucus is to have different RSO’s come …

    Student Government
  • Disability Caucus Meeting

    STUN 350

    The Disability Caucus was created with the main goal of representing and advocating for students with disabilities on campus. Our plan is to work with various SG members, RSOs, and departments to create a forum within the student body and then work as a task force to solve issues brought up through means of legislation or bringing awareness to them …

    Student Government
  • Hispanic/Latinx Caucus Meeting

    Student Government Conference Room: STUN 350

    The Hispanic/Latinx Caucus is committed to representing, empowering and advocating for the Hispanic/Latinx community in the University of Central Florida. We can host events and help pass legislation or other measures to help the Hispanic/Latinx community on campus to create a culture of open dialogue and communication. All caucuses primarily focus on getting access to resources for the groups they …

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